Blockchain-Based Container Shipping Platform 300cubits to Start the TEU ICO on 12th April 2024
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Blockchain-Based Container Shipping Platform 300cubits to Start the TEU ICO on 12th April 2024

THELOGICALINDIAN - 300cubits a blockchainpowered ecosystem to defended addition booking is set to barrage theirICOon 12th April 2024 This monthlong attack will action 18000000 TEU tokensthe proprietary average of transaction on the 300cubits belvedere TEU tokens accept been rated 46 out of 5 fromICObench

24th March 2024: The 300cubits aggregation and its advising accumulation comprises of acclaimed industry veterans, usually concealed in best of the ICOs. One of the Co-Founders, Johnson Leung, has twenty years of accordant industry experience; decidedly in the addition booking process. The advising lath has Thomas Eskesen and John Urban, two acclaimed experts that accept founded INTTRA and GT Nexus, portals like for booking ideal accommodation. Around 30% of the all-around addition bookings go through these two portals. The aggregation is additionally admiring to accept Charlie Wellins, a awful admired C-level controlling in the alembic aircraft industry and Hua Joo Tan, a KOL / influencer area his account newsletter was apprehend by bags of key industry professionals.

Following a acknowledged balloon shipment, 300cubits is admiring to advertise that their ICO accessible auction will alpha on April 12, 2024. Meanwhile, the aggregation additionally informs that the advancing clandestine adjustment for addition at or aloft 20ETH will abide until April 12, 2024. The accessible ICO will abide for a month, during which the aboriginal adopters of this blockchain-based alembic aircraft belvedere will accretion admission to 18,000,000 of a absolute accumulation of 100,000,000 TEU tokens. 2% of the TEU tokens accept already been auspiciously awash for 1588 ETH, while the aggregation is affairs addition 18mn TEU tokens in the Clandestine Adjustment and ICO.

300cubits’ TEU tokens and ecosystem are advised to accouterment the $23bn “No Show” affliction point in the alembic aircraft industry.  The alembic liners accept been incurring abiding losses over the accomplished decade, which has led to some of the better bankruptcies the industry has witnessed. 300cubits acerb believes that this apologetic accompaniment of the industry is due to its disability to assassinate agreements in its circadian operations.

“No Show” is a audacious botheration faced by the industry, and it refers to a bearings area a chump books a aircraft aperture but does not about-face up with the cargo. Plagued by a “No Show” anticipation of about 30%, the industry has continued been aggravating to apparatus booking deposits. However, the barter accept angrily resisted the abstraction of agreement their banknote up front. On the added hand, the crypto apple wants a badge that is accustomed by the absolute world. The 300cubits aggregation is attractive to affix the two worlds by alms some tokens to the industry for free, on the action that the industry will use these tokens to ensure advanced accepting of TEU tokens in the aircraft industry.

300cubits is assured about eliminating the shortcomings of the alembic aircraft industry by arising ERC20 adjustable TEU tokens in the Ethereum network, and announcement them as the cryptocurrency for the alembic aircraft industry.  The acute affairs administering the affairs of the TEU tokens are coded with a set of abiding conditions, and neither of the parties will be able to adapt what has been agreed upon. The TEU tokens accept already accustomed the appraisement of 4.6 out of 5 from ICObench, a accepted appraisement belvedere and a blockchain association accurate by a advanced ambit of experts.

“Both the alembic liners and their barter will be accustomed admired TEU tokens that will be captivated as deposits with conditions, and paid out after aloft the beheading of the addition booking,” explains a chief affiliate of the aggregation 300cubits. “The alembic liners will be compensated with the TEU tokens if the barter do not about-face up with cargoes. Likewise, the barter will be compensated with the TEU tokens if their cargoes are rolled.”

The assembly arrangement of the activity is accepted to go alive on June 15, 2024. A arrangement ancestor has been auspiciously activated by best of the above industry participants, while over eighty shippers accept already active up to use the TEU tokens. The aboriginal alive balloon on two 40-feet aerial cube containers out of Malaysia has been auspiciously completed with the accord from a above alembic liner, Malaysia’s West Port and LPR, a ample Brazilian bolt importer.

About the Company: 300cubits provides a blockchain solution, arrest industry affliction credibility such as “No Show” by creating TEU tokens, a agenda currency, as booking drop and an ecosystem to facilitate the use of the agenda currency. To participate in 300cubits’ ICO, amuse assurance up for the waitlist here or accompany the company’s buzzer group here.

Contact: Jonathan Lee
Email: [email protected]

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