Blockchain Betting and Profit Sharing: A Look into the XWIN ICO
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Blockchain Betting and Profit Sharing: A Look into the XWIN ICO

THELOGICALINDIAN - The XWIN ICO is off to a advantageous alpha in the new year Launched on January 1st the activity has aloft over 24 at the time of autograph The alms will aftermost until the end of the ages and currently theres still a 10 for buyins As it now stands one XWIN badge goes for the amount of 0005 ETH

80% of all tokens will be fabricated accessible to players and investors through the ICO, while the actual 20% will be fabricated accessible to aggregation associates a year out from the ICO’s end date.

Per its website, XWIN is “the world’s aboriginal crypto bookmaker,” a sports and contest action belvedere congenital on Ethereum’s blockchain that guarantees acquirement administration for its stakeholders.

Under XWIN’s model, bets and payments are handled through Ethereum powered acute contracts.  All XWIN CryptoBet operations booty abode aural these acute contracts, and annal of bets, losses, and wins are stored on the blockchain’s accessible ledger.

When compared to accepted practices, blockchain accounting offers a cardinal of benefits:

Increased Transparency: All prices, bets, and affairs are absolute acknowledgment to the blockchain’s accessible ledger, finer eliminating any adventitious of artifice beneath XWIN’s system.  Further, acute affairs administer every footfall of the action process, ensuring players and investors their promised payouts as dictated by these contracts.  Once a bent payout is entered into a acute contract, that payout is bound into the arrangement and cannot be adapted after-the-fact.  As such, arbitrage or annual lock-outs due to due to common wins are avoided.

Security: Acute affairs assure adjoin awful action practices and absolutely abate the adventitious of embezzlement.  No one affair has ascendancy over the platform’s acute contracts, and as a result, acute affairs and their mandates cannot be tampered with already they are entered into the Ethereum network.

Stability and Efficiency: The Ethereum blockchain will accumulate XWIN’s belvedere able-bodied and stable. Thanks to the blockchain’s decentralized infrastructure, XWIN will not abatement casualty to systemic inefficiencies and vulnerabilities that affliction centralized networks.  What’s more, Ethereum’s acute affairs act as arbiters for the absolute action process, streamlining the action and acid out the charge for accidental blank over bets and payments.

How Does XWIN’s Profit Sharing Work

XWIN action margins ambit from 6-20%, and all margins are managed apart through an XWIN acute arrangement account.  100% of all allowance profits are disconnected up as follows:

So, players are affirmed 25% of action margins, while XWIN badge stakeholders and investors will accept 20%.

According to the project’s whitepaper:

XWIN will board action for the afterward sports/events:  football, hockey, tennis, basketball, motorsports, American football, badminton, baseball, biathlon, boxing, volleyball, handball, darts, E-sports, politics, rugby, alloyed aggressive arts, snooker, chess, appearance business and more.

All bids and bets will be placed through Ethereum-powered acute contracts, and users can verify their buy-ins, payouts, and bet after-effects on, through XWIN’s API, or through applications that interface with the Ethereum blockchain, such as My Ether Wallet or Etherscan.

XWIN tokens all betters and third parties to admission the XWIN belvedere to abode bids and booty advantage of its action solution.  For example, if a third affair bookmaker’s office, casino, or action abode capital to use XWIN’s blockchain belvedere to optimize their betting/bookkeeping process, they would charge XWIN tokens to do so.

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