Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm Brought Together Politicians, Investors and Developers
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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm Brought Together Politicians, Investors and Developers

THELOGICALINDIAN - On September 7 the basic of Sweden hosted Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Stockholm for the aboriginal time The accident brought calm owners of businesses accompanying to cryptocurrencies and blockchainbased solutions It was abounding by added than 350 participants and 19 speakers from 13 countries

[Note: This is a columnist release.]

The conference took abode at the Elite Auberge Marina Tower, the nineteenth-century majestic architectonics abreast the burghal center. The auberge is accepted not alone for its admirable architectonics and interiors but additionally by a high-end service.

Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Stockholm

The accident accustomed to altercate the affairs and abstruse capacity of blockchain affiliation in businesses, aldermanic adjustment of cryptocurrencies in Sweden and the apple as able-bodied as the opportunities for advance in cryptocurrency crowdsales, mining, and cybersecurity.

The keynote apostle of the appointment – Mathias Sundin, Sweden Member of Parliament – said that the blockchain would advice to anticipate all-around banking crises. He appear his angle of association changes to be acquired by bitcoin: authorities would no best accord to accompaniment institutions but would about-face to citizens.

Frank Schuil, the CEO at Safello Stockholm cryptocurrency exchange, discussed the bitcoin opportunities and changes of society’s attitude to cryptocurrencies.

Sofie Blakstad, the architect of Hiveonline, presented her eyes of cryptocurrency future: “Within abutting 5-10 years, agenda currencies will accommodate banking markets.” The apostle talked about the risks and advantages of agenda currencies issued by axial banks for developing countries.

Natalia Tokar: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Several presentations were committed to the accepted ICO topic: Daniel Zakrisson, Natalia Tokar, Julian Hosp and Oleg Kudrenko told the admirers how to accept a activity for advance as able-bodied as appear absolute risks and means to abstain them. They discussed in detail the ICO barrage and aldermanic adjustment of crowdsales.

Martin Mischke, the СЕО at Brickblock, explained how the blockchain would accomplish a absolute acreage acquirement action faster and acquiesce to abate prices due to abandoning intermediaries’ services.

Karolina Marzantowicz, IBM Distinguished Engineer, adherent her presentation to blockchain impact on activity and utilities.

Robert Wiecko and Fernando Gutierrez presented the Dash project: an accessible acquittal arrangement based on the blockchain with anonymized transactions.

Vladislav Martynov: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm

Vladislav Martynov, a co-founder of BlockGeeksLab, talked about the demands of avant-garde abridgement in such cryptocurrency assets as abiding bread and its affiliation to gold.

The accident additionally included the exhibition of blockchain projects. Seventeen companies from assorted countries presented their contempo solutions.

The appointment was captivated by Smile-Expo, an organizer of the above all-embracing alternation of Blockchain & Bitcoin Appointment events, demography abode annually in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Malta and added countries. More advice about company’s projects can be begin on the website.

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