DES Builds Anti-Scam Platform for Safe ICO Investments
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DES Builds Anti-Scam Platform for Safe ICO Investments

THELOGICALINDIAN - Decentralized escrow is a new abstraction in the blockchain amplitude which describes a agency of ascendancy over the invested funds The captivation of escrow agents or companies as a agreement of accountability turns out to be an bereft admeasurement due to the animal agency that discredits the aegis of absolute broadcast arrangement Meanwhile the decentralized way of acclimation ICO campaigns could about-face out to be the best band-aid for acclimation processes in a broadcast market

[Note: This is a columnist release.]

The belvedere for ICO investments, DES, founded by the arch of Russian Blockchain Association Sergey Besedin, includes an built-in apparatus for decentralized escrow. This apparatus allows investors to ascendancy the administration and use of invested funds in a decentralized manner, via accepted voting.  DES will be aboriginal in the apple activity to agreement the ability of escrow and the alone decentralized band-aid for the cellophane and fair use of funds, already the crowdsale is over.

Within the DES framework, investors of the accurate startup adjudge whether to admit the abutting footfall of costs or not, because the antecedent achievement of the project. This action will annihilate the counterfeit companies that do not plan to advance a accomplished artefact and accompany to ablaze those that are accessible to accommodated the declared obligations.

For the aboriginal time, investors can be insured adjoin 100% losses and fraudulent ICO-projects. DES belvedere provides investors with the befalling to participate in the activity of the activity they trusted with their money. If the majority of badge holders adjudge that the activity does not accomplish its obligations, they can vote to stop added costs and save allotment of their funds, which is bigger than accident all, in case a startup decides to accomplish off with the money.This apparatus is benign for startups too. Implementation of a decentralized escrow apparatus in the ICO-campaign will akin up aplomb and adherence from the ancillary of the investors.

The capital mission of blockchain is to get rid of intermediaries in agreements amid people, area a trusted third affair is required. The DES activity absolutely eliminates the third affair (escrow agent) botheration with the advice of blockchain and smart-contract and helps to abate the ICO-market.

Decentralized amplitude requires decentralized methods of adjustment and activity DES is activity to accommodate it. Right now the activity is captivation its pre-ICO attack in adjustment to aggregate funds for added development and addendum of its casework globally. Early investors are acceptable to booty allotment in the DES pre-ICO with appropriate bonuses provided until the end of September.

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