Digix & ETHLend Announce Partnership
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Digix & ETHLend Announce Partnership

THELOGICALINDIAN - BREAKING NEWS Digix ETHLend advertise an all-encompassing affiliation on decentralized lending

[Note: This is a columnist release.]

Tokenization of assets. Digix was one of the aboriginal proofs-of-concept on tokenizing admired real-world assets. Tokenization agency that a amount is translated into a tradable and calmly transferrable agenda format, a token. Agenda tokens may represent any amount from the absolute world, such as commodities, shares or property.

Every DGX badge contains the appropriate to 1 gram of gold that is stored in an audited vault. Therefore, the amount of the tokenized gold can be calmly traded or apprenticed adjoin a accommodation after affective the concrete gold repository. This agenda gold accepted provides added adaptability to investors that are trading in concrete gold.

Moreover, clashing abounding agenda tokens whose amount is based on belief on a blockchain startups future, DGX tokens are accountable to the amount of absolute gold. Therefore, these tokens are advantageous in situations area an broker aims to abstain volatility, while still accepting the allowances of owning a agenda good.

ETHLend is a decentralized peer-to-peer appliance that is active on Ethereum network. ETHLend is a all-around lending bazaar that connects lenders and borrowers from all over the world. ETHLend offers anchored loans with the use of ERC-20 accordant agenda tokens as a collateral. The appliance is ideal for badge holders who are in charge for clamminess and all those who appetite to participate in a chargeless lending market. Instead of affairs and closing a badge position, a borrower can calmly agreement agenda tokens to accept Ether.

ETHLend is additionally abacus a action to tie Ether loans to authorization currencies to abstain animation and acceptance accustomed accommodation agreements for anybody while befitting all allowances that abstracted blockchain technology from acceptable banking: fast affairs alike beyond borders, accuracy for all parties and safety-by-design through self-executing contracts, alleged acute contracts.

Today Digix and ETHLend advertise a alternate affiliation that will actualize new use-cases and advance strategies for the DGX badge holders and amount adherence and new functions for ETHLend belvedere users, whether they are individuals or businesses. The affiliation consists of R&D collaboration, aggregate articles and functions as able-bodied as accumulated efforts to brainwash and acquaint added bodies about the possibilities of business on the blockchain. The adequacy of the DGX badge on the ETHLend belvedere has already been activated auspiciously with analysis loans actuality collateralized by the gold token.

First, DGX badge will be added as the aboriginal anchored badge on the application. This agency that a borrower who is accommodating to agreement a DGX badge on ETHLend does not charge to accommodate a acute arrangement abode of the token. Instead, such advice is readily accessible on the application.

Second, introducing a animation feed. Since agenda tokens buck animation which charge be taken into account, ETHLend and Digix will assort the animation of altered tokens and map the after-effects for users to accept the inherent accident of volatility. Such analysis is benign for the assurance of accommodation participants and it highlights the ability of asset-backed tokens such as DGX. Also, ETHLend will seek to absorb a collateral-swap option, to acquiesce on-platform asset swaps to low-volatility tokens, such as DGX, if the accessory amount is bottomward beneath a assertive beginning in the average of the loan.

Third, DGX as the token. ETHLend shall advance a acute arrangement on Kovan testnet to analysis the affair of badge lending. ETHLend has accustomed affluence of requests for lending tokens for altered strategies such as abbreviate affairs or hedging. DGX would be the badge of best for a abiding lending basis. ETHLend will accept badge lending on the alive decentralized appliance if the association continues to accurate the charge for it.

More info: https://digix.global/

More info: https://ethlend.io
Telegram: www.t.me/ethlend

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