DIMPAY – Cashless Transaction Available Worldwide
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DIMPAY – Cashless Transaction Available Worldwide

THELOGICALINDIAN - DIMPAY is a decentralized payments arrangement abject on a blockchain technology alleged NEM Its capital ambition is to action the achievability of cashless affairs for the 2 billion bodies in this apple that abridgement admission to banks and their casework The belvedere is beneath big-ticket it works anon and it eliminates abundant acquittal errors through its use of the NEM agreement authoritative it ideal for associate to associate business to business customer to business and business to customer transactions

DIMPAY is an basic allotment of the DIM Ecosystem, and this acquittal belvedere allows barter to accomplish anchored affairs of any attributes on their cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. All of these through the use of DEPOTWALLET web, adaptable apps, and DIM Debit Card.

HYBSE (Hybrid Banal Exchange) is an online belvedere that is acclimated for banal exchanges which helps baby and average enterprises (SME’s) to acquisition and admission all-embracing capital.

WISE Consulting LTD is a astute barter that facilitates the trading of fiat currencies for DIM currencies and added cryptocurrencies, and it additionally takes affliction of the digitalization of assets.

DEPOTWALLET is a web app that acts like a wallet, which allows users to purchase, sell, authority and administer all sorts of cryptocurrencies forth with their crypto assets. DEPOTWALLET additionally links those absorbed in the business breadth with the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE).

Mobile DEPOTWALLET is like your DEPOTWALLET annual but in a adaptable form. The addition of this app will be gradual, starting with a beta adaptation for testing. After that, there will be upgrades and updates to the software’s aegis features. The user will be able to accept which annual he wants, a Private Annual or a Business Account.

The Private Annual will admission the user abounding ascendancy over his account. This will be affiliated to his DEPOTWALLET account, which will acquiesce him to administer his crypto assets and cryptocurrencies. He will be able to “make payments ‘anytime, anywhere’, acceptable beneath abased on the charge to backpack banknote which in about-face could abate the accident of theft”.

A Business Annual will accommodated the needs of those complex in the business area, enabling them to adviser their annual and affairs by application one account. The primary functions that appear with this annual are: creating an invoice, account of banking positions, bacon and amount payments, blockage balances and funds.

DIM Debit Card Holders will accept the achievability to catechumen their DIMCOINS into added DIM currencies. These DIM currencies will accredit users to admission appurtenances and casework in acceptable businesses, forth with e-commerce shopping.

The DIM ecosystem is planning on accretion added with DIMPAY’s new accessible ICO release. This activity aims to absorb DIM TOKEN and cryptocurrency owners in accretion the amount of DIMCOIN and, therefore, creating a new annex in the DIM Ecosystem. The accustomed cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEM. The ICO barrage date is the 7th of December and it will aftermost until the 18th of December.

Maximum Target: 1,500 BTC (Bitcoin)

Available bonuses:

-25% 4-6 December

-10% 7-12 December

-5% 13-18 December

*10% is added to anniversary benefit if you use NEM

The aloft funds will go to assorted genitalia of the DIM Ecosystem, such as business software development & engineering, anatomy development, acknowledged & compliance, operational & administration.

The ICO absolution will absolutely advice the added development of the DIMPAY platform, which will accommodate abundant uses of its technology in the business and business sectors.

For added advice about DIMPAY amuse appointment dimpay.io and download the project white paper.

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