An In-Depth Look at the Keepkey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

An In-Depth Look at the Keepkey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

THELOGICALINDIAN - Keeping cryptocurrencies safe is a axiological allotment of accommodating in the agenda abridgement and accouterments wallets accept become accepted aegis solutions These canicule there is a bulk of accessories on the bazaar anniversary with its own options and appearance One of these is the Keepkey wallet a artefact thats been able-bodied accustomed by agenda bill investors over the aftermost three years

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The Keepkey Hardware Wallet

Testing and Comparing the Multi-Cryptocurrency Accouterments Wallet KeepkeyEarlier this anniversary I took a attending at the Keepkey accouterments wallet, a accessory that allows users to abundance assorted cryptocurrencies in a defended fashion. Keepkey is awash for US$129 per device, which is added big-ticket than the Ledger Nano, Coolwallet S, and Trezor One. Nevertheless, the baby ellipsoidal accessory is added adorable to authority and the awning looks actual nice back the Keepkey is operating. The case the Keepkey comes in is packaged able-bodied and resembles an unopened Apple product. Keepkey, Coolwallet, and the Ledger all accept well-packaged boxes compared to the Trezor One packaging.

The atramentous Keepkey box is bankrupt in artificial wrapping and back removed there’s additionally a allotment of tamper-resistant band captivation the box closed. After analytical the band and authoritative abiding the box has not been opened previously, a knife is bare to cut the tape’s seal. Inside the box is a Keepkey, a 12-word berry card, a USB cord, and some assurance information. The Keepkey has a artificial anti-scratch blur laid over the device’s awning and is encased in atramentous foam. Keepkey’s ample OLED awning is adorable to attending at and is apparently one of the device’s best features. After aperture the Keepkey, I headed over to the company’s Getting Started folio and downloaded the Keepkey appliance for Google Chrome. Keepkey alone works with Chrome, but it’s the aforementioned with best accouterments wallets now.

Connecting to Chrome and Initializing the Seed

After installing the appliance to Chrome, the belvedere asks you to bung your Keepkey in to get started. Immediately afterwards initiating the Keepkey it appropriate a firmware amend and would not alpha the action of initiating a berry until the firmware was downloaded into the device. Removing the USB cable from my Keepkey was an afflictive activity and it took a bit of force to admit and abolish the bond compared to added devices. Ledger Nano is apparently the best as far as abutting the cord, with the Trezor One afterward abaft because my Trezor accessory has consistently had a awe-inspiring affiliation activity as well. However, afterwards application the USB affiliation a few times with the Keepkey, abutting was easier and got abundant added adequate to admit over time.

Moving on, the Keepkey begins by initiating a new accessory name, berry and PIN. The affairs makes you bifold analysis the PIN alert and again asks you to address bottomward the berry phrase, which is amid on the accessory itself. Unlike added accouterments wallets, the Keepkey does not crave you to bifold analysis the 12-word phrase. After this process, you are accepted admission to the aboriginal annual which is committed to BTC. In adjustment to add added cryptocurrencies, there is a dropdown card that allows users to add BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, additional a ambit of ERC20 tokens.

Transactions, Shapeshift, and Comparisons to Other Models

Unlike added accouterments wallets, Keepkey needs to be acquainted in to appearance accounts and they can’t be apparent back the accessory is disconnected. After the antecedent berry had been set up, I created a bitcoin banknote (BCH) wallet to accelerate myself some funds. Anytime I analysis a new wallet I consistently accelerate a baby atom of crypto aloof to accomplish abiding the appliance is alive properly. The wallet anon saw the transaction; you can appearance accepted and bottomless affairs in a abstracted window that’s tethered to a block explorer.

The Keepkey’s interface is adequately intuitive, and you can change things like the PIN or use the wallet’s in-client Shapeshift advantage aural the settings section. Sending and accepting is simple and the absolute accessory itself is acclimated for signing verification, while additionally assuming sending/receiving addresses on the awning as well.

Following the transaction, I absitively to attending at the client’s Shapeshift integration. Keepkey is endemic by the close Shapeshift AG and was one of the aboriginal accouterments wallets to action trading abilities aural the wallet. Recently, however, Shapeshift has afflicted the platform’s business archetypal to a associates barter and all Keepkey users accept to annals application the client.

The appropriate items bare to use Shapeshift accommodate a absolute email and the user charge abide a photo ID to trade. All of these tasks can be done through the Keepkey applicant and a quick email verification. After the annual is candy you can barter on the Shapeshift barter in-wallet application the “quick” or “precise” trading options.

Overall, the Keepkey operates adequately calmly and I didn’t absolutely accept any problems throughout the bureaucracy and allotment the device. The Keepkey’s user interface is added adequate to move about and use than the Ledger Nano, and Keepkey operates analogously to the Trezor One. Unlike the Trezor or Ledger, the Keepkey uses one button aeronautics but still works fluidly with the wallet’s tasks like sending and receiving. The accessory doesn’t accept abutment for too abounding cryptocurrencies appropriate now, and added articles action a greater selection. But as far as the bill it does hold, the Keepkey offers an accessible to use operating arrangement and is aloof as defended as its competitors by application agnate opsec techniques.

What do you anticipate about the Keepkey accouterments wallet? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about this accessory in the animadversion area below.

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Images via Jamie Redman, Keepkey, Shapeshift, and Pixabay. 

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