Developer Reveals Layer-Two Private Messaging and Payment System on Bitcoin Cash

Developer Reveals Layer-Two Private Messaging and Payment System on Bitcoin Cash

THELOGICALINDIAN - On July 4 2024 the Bitcoin Cash backer Cain appear an account with the blockchain developer Shammah Chancellor about a new activity alleged Stamp Chat At its basal akin Stamp is a ancestor of a layer2 clandestine messaging and acquittal arrangement on Bitcoin Cash It accouterments stealth additional arcane affairs on top of Bitcoin Cash application layer2 agreement technologies

This anniversary Bitcoin Cash supporters were alien to a new account about a apparatus alleged Stamp, an encrypted bulletin and acquittal arrangement that leverages the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain. Stamp was accent about a ages beforehand via a livestream. The activity is actuality developed by the software programmer Shammah Chancellor, contrarily accepted as @micropresident.

The activity was introduced on Saturday, July 4, 2020, by the Bitcoin Banknote backer Cain (@bchcain) via the blog. Cain gives a arbitrary of how governments today accept the adeptness to abridge our accent online, and our banking lives as able-bodied through centralized parties. The BCH enthusiast highlights how our abandon of announcement is censored and monitored by the admiral that be.

Developer Reveals Layer-Two Private Messaging and Payment System on Bitcoin Cash

“The actuality that we are actuality monitored banned our abandon of anticipation and our abandon of expression,” Cain’s account stressed. “You adeptness anticipate alert about entering article into a chase engine, or announcement article on Facebook or Twitter. This banned our adeptness to acquaint and analyze ideas, and this is why I am so aflame by Stamp, the new Bitcoin Cash activity actuality developed by Shammah Chancellor, aka @micropresident.”

Cain’s column added added:

Individuals who are absorbed in Stamp can analysis out the Github repository and get added accustomed with the project. The Github repo’s abnegation is a blow altered and states: “Stamp is in aboriginal alpha development stage. There will be assorted breaking changes from now until a abiding release. We absence to the Bitcoin Cash testnet as to assure adjoin absent funds.”

Those who are absorbed in testing the Stamp agreement can do so by accessing the cashweb/stamp/releases area and avaricious analysis bill from

The Stamp developers who accord to the activity additionally accept a Telegram babble approach as able-bodied for bodies who appetite to apprentice added about the project. Shammah Chancellor additionally describes the Stamp activity in abundant detail during his account with Cain.

“Stamp is the name of the wallet that uses a cardinal of backend protocols,” the developer explained. “These protocols are a apartment alleged ‘Cashweb,’ with the eyes actuality that aggregate online is powered by Bitcoin Cash. Fundamentally, Cashweb is powered via accepted web technologies: Websockets, JWT tokens, HTTP/2. The abstraction actuality to accomplish it accessible for non-cryptocurrency developers to accommodate with.”

“Cashweb is a [three] bank network,” Shammah Chancellor continued. “The aboriginal bank actuality Bitcoin Cash. The additional bank is a ‘keyserver’ network, which is acclimated to attending up, in a cryptographically defended way, important advice about a Bitcoin Cash address. The third bank is a messaging arrangement (called broadcast servers) which allows wallets to pass, encrypted, structured letters amid them.” The developer concluded:

Cryptocurrency supporters who are absorbed in account the blow of the account amid Cain and Shammah Chancellor can chase this articulation here that stems from the blog.

On the Reddit appointment r/btc, BCH proponents seemed admiring with the advertisement and some bodies contributed to the development funding. “Looks promising,” an alone wrote on Reddit. “I beatific a bit of funding. Good luck with it.”

What do you anticipate about the Stamp activity congenital on the Bitcoin Cash network? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about this accountable in the comments area below.

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