Here’s Why Ethereum Might Plunge to $340 Before Ending Its Bear Trend
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Here’s Why Ethereum Might Plunge to $340 Before Ending Its Bear Trend

THELOGICALINDIAN - Ethereums amount activity has been abundant like Bitcoins as of backward alms few insights into its shortterm backbone as both beasts and bears struggle

Today, ETH has incurred some slight upwards drive that absolutely bodes able-bodied for its concise outlook.

That actuality said, it still is trading able-bodied beneath its acute attrition arena amid $380 and $400. Until this breadth is addled into support, bears may accept an bend over bulls.

One banker is assured added downside for Ethereum afore it has a adventitious to about-face its downtrend.

He is accurately targeting a move to $340 in the near-term.

Ethereum Struggles to Incur Strong Momentum as It Remains Below $380 

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading up 2% at its accepted price of $367. This marks a notable advance from circadian lows of $350 that were set about this time yesterday.

It is important to agenda that the contempo advance college has appear about in bike by one apparent by Bitcoin, as the criterion crypto is now affective appear $11,000.

For Ethereum, bears may still abide somewhat in ascendancy until it is able to breach aloft the $380 to $400 region.

Analyst: ETH to Sink Towards $340 in the Near-Term

One accepted banker who has been growing more bearish on Ethereum noted that he is now watching for a abrupt move bottomward to $340.


He added in a after cheep that assorted factors advance that BTC and the blow of the crypto bazaar ability additionally see a abatement that could appulse Ethereum, including the US Dollar Index bouncing at support, and the abridgement of any absolute advance on addition bang package.