Here’s Why Ethereum’s Overnight Plunge May Help Clear a Path to $700
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Here’s Why Ethereum’s Overnight Plunge May Help Clear a Path to $700

THELOGICALINDIAN - Ethereum was the aboriginal above agenda asset to attempt aftermost night with Bitcoin afterward abutting in its footsteps

The acuteness of this abatement was bound and acquired the cryptocurrency to blast all the above abutment levels it had formed aural the upper-$400 region.

This selloff had two above effects: defalcation of backward continued positions and accoutrement bears who accepted added downside.

This could beggarly that it was a technically bullish drop, as it has austere a aisle advanced for the crypto to see a added acceptable advance accomplished $500.

Ethereum Liquidates Long Positions in Rapid Overnight Selloff

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading bottomward aloof over 1% at its accepted price of $476. This marks a abatement from highs of about $500 but a notable billow from lows of $450 set aloof a scattering of hours ago.

Whether or not beasts can abutment the crypto aloft $470 and abide alleviative this as a able abject of abutment will acceptable actuate area it trends in the near-term.

ETH Could Soon Make a Bid at $700 – Claims Analyst

One banker believes that Ethereum could be able-bodied assertive to accomplish an attack at extensive $700 in the near-term.

He addendum that it needs to accost $490 for this to be a astute possibility, but he calls dips like the one apparent aftermost night a “god gift.”


Because dips and rebounds – generally alleged “Darth Maul” candles – bright backward and overleveraged positions, it could accommodate a clearer aisle for Ethereum to advance college in the advancing few days.

Some of its amount activity will assuredly depend on Bitcoin, with BTC breaking its best highs potentially creating a accumulation basic circling accident into altcoins.