Small Ethereum Clones Getting Attacked by Mysterious '51 Crew'

Small Ethereum Clones Getting Attacked by Mysterious '51 Crew'

THELOGICALINDIAN - According to assorted letters a awful accumulation of hackers alleged the 51 Crew ishijacking blockchain clones by demography a majority oftheir hashrates and bifold spending their tokens Two cryptocurrency projects Kryptonand Shiftare amid the aboriginal projects to be hit

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The 51 Crew Wants to Damage Smaller ETH Clones

ip.bitcointalk.orgThe 51 Crew managed to advance the Krypton arrangement aftermost week, acceptance it to bifold absorb the basic bill at the Bittrex exchange. Following this event, both Shift and Krypton accustomed extortion threats by the group, but accept so far banned to pay a ransom.

Krypton architect Stephanie Kent forwarded the 51 Crew’s extortion bulletin to Crypto Hustle :

Both Krypton and Shift blockchains are abate sized clones of Ethereum that are congenital to affair their built-in cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, and acute contracts. This has brought cogent analytic appear the adherence of abate Ethereum-based clones. The attacks aimed at these two audible networks accept acquired speculators to anguish accept 51 Crew may be advancing to advance Ethereum archetypal (ETC).

Is Ethereum Classic a Target?

wZIJe9n.jpgThe actionable Ethereum alternation currently operates at 511.4 GH/s, however, and would be decidedly difficult to beat – but not impossible.

On July 27, reported on an declared advance to advance the ETC blockchain by an Ethereum association affiliate called Seanz123. The pseudonym and “ETH-Core alone advocate” began promoting the idea heavily in forums. It was anon forgotten, but the advance on Krypton has brought such possibilities aback into the spotlight.

Since the birth of Ethereum Classic, it has acquired a activity aural the crypto community. Many accept railed against it, including reporter David Seaman who argued it was “no added than broadcast vaporware.”

Ethereum Classic has articulate supporters as well, with Barry Silbert, and Litecoin’s Charlie Lee applauding the another chain. Also, above ETH-Core architect and contributor Charles Hoskinson has apparent his support for the actionable chain, advertence his alertness to advice with the project.

Charlie Lee Ethereum Classic

The capital affair is that blockchains with decidedly lighter mining action are accessible targets for 51% attacks – where one being or accumulation of bodies booty ascendancy of the arrangement by accepting a majority of its mining power. Much beyond networks such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Core, and others with high hashrates are beneath vulnerable.

Smaller cryptocurrencies that are either new, or clones of Ethereum, may accept issues due to their low hashrates from malicious mining pools attractive to profit. Krypton is currently advertent switching to a proof-of-stake apparatus to beacon bright of any future 51% attacks.

The crisis surrounding these abate altcoins is addition acumen to stick with Bitcoin as the number-one cryptocurrency, with its blockchain being the best defended and able-bodied broadcast balance anytime created.

What do you anticipate about the 51% advance adjoin abate added affected hashrates? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

Images address of Pixabay, and Ethereum Classic.

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