Poly Network Hacker Returns Almost All of $611M Loot

Poly Network Hacker Returns Almost All of $611M Loot

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Poly Network hacker has alternate about all of the 611 actor they blanket beforehand this anniversary 33 actor of USDT charcoal frozen

Poly Network accepted that it had accustomed the actual funds from the antagonist in a multi-sig wallet. 

Hacker Returns Assets to Poly Network

The Poly Network hacker who blanket $611 actor this anniversary has alternate the actual funds on Ethereum mainnet afterwards a day of negotiations.

Poly Network runs a accumulating of acute affairs that acquiesce cross-chain affairs amid Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Acute Chain.

The activity fabricated account Tuesday afterwards it absent added than $600 actor in what was declared as biggest crypto hack in history. 

The losses consisted of $272 actor account of tokens on Ethereum, $253 actor on Binance Smart Chain, and $85 actor on Polygon. 

Following the incident, the hacker absitively to acknowledgment about all of the funds. In a “Q&A” altercation acquaint aural Ethereum transactions, the hacker told the Poly Network association that they agitated out the advance to “for fun” to betrayal the vulnerability afore others could accomplishment it. 

Yesterday, the hacker—dubbed “Mr. White Hat” by the Poly Network team—returned over bisected of the baseborn assets on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. 

The aggregation has back accepted that it’s accustomed the actual funds, bare $33 actor account of USDT arctic by Tether.

“All the actual user assets on Ethereum (except for the arctic USDT) had been transferred to the multi-sig wallet controlled by Mr. White Hat and Poly Network team,” a Thursday Twitter agenda read.

The latest transaction consisted of $230 million account of agenda assets including ETH, DAI, USDC, and WBTC in a multi-sig wallet controlled by the hacker and the team. 

The aggregation additionally said it affairs to accommodate to unfreeze the USDT stablecoins still captivated in the hacker’s wallet.

In an onchain message, the aggregation thanked the hacker for advertisement the bug, afore adage that it anticipation “the activity constitutes white hat behavior”. They additionally offered a $500,000 compensation and assured that no acknowledged activity would be taken. 

Contrary to media reports, the hacker’s character charcoal anonymous. In the Q&A altercation acquaint on Ethereum, they said that they were application a “temporary email, IP, or alleged fingerprint, which were untraceable.”