Fantom ICO Code Review by Andre Cronje

Fantom ICO Code Review by Andre Cronje


The Fantom ICO review that we appear offers a high-level appearance of the high-performance blockchain project, so I won’t absorb too abundant time talking about the ICO goals and the industries Fantom wants to assignment within. Today’s ambition is a cipher analysis to see area they’re at with their tech progress.

Fantom claims to be an bigger adaptation of a DAG archetypal for acceleration and absolute scalability. They achieve this via the Lachesis Protocol. Transactions are accepted with a DAG to advance accord aural the decentralized Fantom network.

The asynchronous time based DAG archetypal gives them scalability. I am analytical how accommodation and arrangement advancement is handled as able-bodied as bifold absorb attacks beyond assorted nodes. However this is larboard changing at this point in time.

Their acute arrangement accent is scala based.

The amount is the Lachesis Protocol. This abstracts is not appropriate to be adored by all nodes.

The architecture actuality is two fold, at the aboriginal band we accept the asynchronous time based DAG, artlessly put, this allows any bulge to affirm any transaction if a above-mentioned transaction is accepted or present (similar to the UTXO archetypal of BTC based eco systems).

It is this arrangement that allows for concurrency, so anniversary bulge can beck affairs as fast as they can as continued as they accept ability of the antecedent transactions. I am borderline at time of autograph what happens back a transaction is begin after a above-mentioned transaction present and how this alike advancement occurs. This is a key botheration to solve, as generally arrangement cessation is one of the key detriments to throughput.

From the aloft description, we can agenda that Time To Finality (TTF) is not present in the aloft layer. Finality is accomplished by the Opera Chain. This band accouterments Delegated Proof of Stake to accept Validators. These validators again analyze aisle proofs. Aisle proofs are best compared to pathing algorithms in games, it’s about a) award the beeline route, b) award the avenue with atomic obstacles and c) award the avenue that is adapted for the characters that charge to bisect it.

The Opera alternation validators do article agnate to acquisition the DAG avenue that best describes all of the backdrop it is absent to prove. This includes the aisle with the best accurate transactions, that has the arch advertence to the antecedent opera block, and the avenue which if antipodal would affect the best antithesis in the system.

To analyze these, there are two sub systems, Atropos, and Clotho, in all candidly I am not 100% abiding how this allotment works, from my accept the one is accustomed to adduce abeyant blocks and the added validates these, if abundant accede (presumably via the aforementioned dPoS consensus) again the proposed block becomes the abutting Opera Chain block. This block, provides Time To Finality.

So now we accept circumstantial alive transactions, anniversary connected, time based, on their antecedent transaction, and accustomed certitude back a opera alternation block is found. So in a absolute environment, area we had 100 nodes, anniversary is absolutely acquainted of anniversary above-mentioned transaction, there are no conflicts, no bifold spends, no multi attacks, and the beeline proposed avenue is the aboriginal proposed route, they can accomplish 300k affairs per second.

At this point, we accept a lot of changing questions, so let’s jump into the cipher and see what we accept available.

The Virtual Machine currently, looks like our amount questions won’t be answered today, but let’s see what affectionate of ability cipher we are attractive at.

Not the alive repo, this is a checkbox repo. I like to see the development history and get an abstraction of what affectionate of accomplishment has gone into it. However for now, we alone accept a snapshot, so let’s attending at the proposed snapshot.

Good affidavit on all the OP codes

Copyright notices were added today. I’m bold the cipher wasn’t developed today. Good comments, annihilation interesting, but annihilation bad.

Quite a bit of archetype paste, this could accept apparently been refactored.

Quick little VM tester, I like that they added that in.

I would accept admired to see this implementation, acutely it’s aloof a butt for now.

Not seeing any of the developers that coded these segments on their website, and the absorb belongs to the developers, which is weird.

And that’s all we have.

I’m larboard with added questions than answers afterwards activity through the code, I like the idea, I like that they accept a able focus on their end product, which is Foodtech, and that the blockchain is aloof to facilitate that goal. The cipher isn’t bad, but there isn’t annihilation absolutely absorbing here. They can cipher at least.

How continued did this cipher booty to write? What added apparatus accept they already finished? How far are they with the DAG and Opera Chain? This is one that I may accept to amend back there’s added to see, as I anticipate they may accept a lot added gas in the tank.

No red flags at least, but I was acquisitive for more.

See the Fantom ICO review here.

Disclaimer: Crypto Briefing cipher reviews are performed by auditing what is on affectation in the adept annex of the repo’s fabricated available. This was performed as an educational analysis and any comments in the commodity are the assessment of the writer. It is accustomed for cipher to change rapidly, appropriately we timestamp our cipher reviews so that they present a snapshot at a moment in time. Information independent herein should not be acclimated as any animadversion or admonition on the activity as a whole.

Fantom Code Review Timestamp: May 8th, 2023 at 14:32 GMT