Whole Foods and These Other Major Retailers Are Now Accepting Bitcoin
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Whole Foods and These Other Major Retailers Are Now Accepting Bitcoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - Whole Foods Nordstrom and Crate Barrel can now acquire bitcoin and added forms of cryptocurrency at their retail stores

Spend Bitcoin at Whole Foods

Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel and abounding added retailers are now able to acquire Bitcoin and added forms of cryptocurrency.

This new acquittal advantage is enabled by a affiliation amid the payments startup Flexa and Gemini, the agenda bill barter run by active bitcoin advocates Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Tyler Winklevoss notes:

The band-aid is based on a antecedent amid acquittal terminals to acquire adaptable payments via the Flexa app. Participating food include:

Worth noting, all cryptocurrency deposited in the SPEDN adaptable app is custodied with Gemini. And while this may assume adverse to the appearance of Bitcoin, amateur users will acceptable be added adequate with this third-party aegis arrangement, at atomic initially.

Merchants Won’t Know You Paid in BTC

The customer utilizes the app to browse their payment. Because the adjustment of acquittal is transparent, the abundance accountant is blind that the acquittal is with crypto. Ultimately the merchant is able to accept their adjustment of acquittal — authorization banknote or crypto.

This is abundantly actuality hailed as the aboriginal ease-of-use band-aid for consumers gluttonous to boutique with cryptocurrency. Users can currently absorb four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and the stablecoin accepted as Gemini Dollar.

This advertisement is apparent as a above footfall advanced for Bitcoin’s all-around acceptance admitting the array of assiduous naysayers. Moreover, it offers a added defended way for point-of-sale affairs amidst acclaim agenda hacks that abide to accumulate immense media attention.

Tyler additionally explains the allowances for merchants who get onboard and alpha accepting BTC. He explains that merchants will

Amazon Next?

Since Whole Foods is endemic by Amazon, could the online retail behemothic be abutting in band to acquire bitcoin? Well, you can already acquirement items on Amazon application bitcoin and third-party solutions like BitRefill and gift cards.

Amazon May Soon Accept Bitcoin (And Sell the Data to Law Enforcement)

However, it should be acclaimed that all of the solutions in including Flexa are codicillary on third-party services. This, of course, agency that the retailers are not absolutely accepting bitcoin directly, admitting it won’t absolutely amount as far as user-experience is concerned.

Nevertheless, if bodies activate to ‘spedn’ added cryptocurrency, it may accomplish faculty for these retail giants to accept bitcoin anon and save on processing fees. Moreover, open-source, self-hosted software like BTCPayserver accomplish it accessible to action the affairs yourself. This decidedly reduces operating costs and assurance on third parties.

Will bodies absorb their cryptocurrencies at Whole Foods or accumulate hodling? Share your thoughts below!

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