Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 6, Part 1: Price)
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Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 6, Part 1: Price)

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As Ammous puts it, prices are capitalism’s advice system. And we’re all so acclimatized and accomplished to use prices to navigate, that we don’t alike apprehension them. Until today.

But first…

About The Coolest Book Club On Earth

The Bitcoinist Book Club has two altered use cases: 

1.- For the superstar-executive-investor on the run, we’ll abridge the must-read books for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One by one. Affiliate by chapter. We apprehend them so you don’t accept to, and accord you aloof the compact bits. 

2.- For the attentive abecedarian who’s actuality for the research, we’ll accommodate liner addendum to accompany your reading. After our book club finishes with the book, you can consistently appear aback to brace the concepts and acquisition acute quotes. 

Everybody wins.

So far, we’ve covered:

And now, “Chapter 6, Part 1: Capitalism’s Information System

The third acreage of money, “unit of account,” is the one bitcoin struggles the best with. As you might’ve noticed, bitcoin’s amount is volatile. You could say that for that reason, bitcoin fails as a “unit of account.” However, the amount is alone airy in allegory to authorization money. If bitcoin was the standard, it could accommodate “a anchored anatomy of advertence with which to analyze the amount of altered altar to one another.” So, it could absolutely be a abiding assemblage of account.

Now, speaking about price.

It could be said that “price” is the aboriginal DAO. A decentralized free apparatus that absorbs advice from everywhere and everyone. Prices are “the advice arrangement of bread-and-butter production, communicating ability beyond the apple and analogous the circuitous processes of production.” They’re crucial. “Prices are the alone apparatus that allows barter and specialization to action in a bazaar economy.”

Price Vs. Socialism

According to Ludvig von Mises, socialism’s distinct point of abortion is that it doesn’t accept prices. Without that guide, “socialism would abort at bread-and-butter calculation, best crucially in the allocation of basic goods.

If the government owns everything, there’s no bazaar bearing all the advice that would be abridged in the prices. Without them, “there is no way to account how to admeasure these assets to aftermath the optimal products.” Also, “Central planners can never apperceive the preferences of anniversary alone nor admeasure assets in the way that satisfies that individual’s needs best.” 

It’s additionally account acquainted that:

That’s animal nature, and so is this:

Now, if prices backpack that abundant advice and are that important, what do “price control” behavior do? We’ll allocution about that in our book club’s abutting meeting.

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