The Expanse Project Partners with Gameboard to Gamify Its Unique Blockchain Platform
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The Expanse Project Partners with Gameboard to Gamify Its Unique Blockchain Platform

THELOGICALINDIAN - Blockchainbased startup the Expanse Project has afresh appear a new affiliation with Guatemalabased Power Development creators of Gameboard The accord will aim to accommodate the companys incentivebased gamification arrangement into the ExpanseTech blockchain platform

Expanse.Tech was founded by one of the aboriginal Blockchain developers and cryptocurrency pioneers, Christopher Franko, alongside co-founder James Clayton and adolescent blockchain administrator Dan Conway. Clayton is additionally accepted as the Founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club (CCC). Congenital as a community-based activity after an ICO, Expanse.Tech was congenital as the aboriginal abiding angle of Ethereum blockchain technology.

Now in production, Gameboard is an online gaming belvedere that will action users a different gamification arrangement able of tracking users’ action on games, comparing the statistics of players, teams or departments. The belvedere utilizes a reward-based arrangement to accolade players credibility and badges as they advance through assorted stages.

Designed to access productivity, the belvedere allows for the affiliation of a leaderboard to the company’s processes through a restful API. The gamification amphitheater is incentivized with a credibility and leaderboard arrangement to animate participation.

Power Development CEO and Founder Omar Alvarez declared Gameboard as a gamification amphitheater with a reward-based arrangement that looks to use advertisement software and congenital acceptance to abetment players and groups to ability a college akin of potential.

The Gamification amphitheater can be activated to abounding altered types of disciplines, such as marketing, education, and psychology, for behavior modification. The new affiliation with the advance developers of Expanse.Tech will be apprenticed appear creating a mutually benign accord for both while convalescent the project’s abundant real-world applications.

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