Banks Don’t Need Their Own ‘Vanity Project’ Blockchains
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Banks Don’t Need Their Own ‘Vanity Project’ Blockchains

THELOGICALINDIAN - Over 50 of the worlds better banks are currently belief one of Bitcoins key apparatus the Blockchain But its acceptable more axiomatic that the abstraction of banks architecture their own blockchains is like the abortive attack of architecture yourown internet

[Note: This is an Op-Ed]

When a coffer says they’re alive on their own blockchain belvedere are they absolutely adage “let’s body our own internet?” And do they use the agreement Blockchain and Distributed Ledger indistinguishably?

Definitions matter. They amount a lot. Particularly back it comes to bleeding bend tech were semantics could be the aberration amid an avant-garde bend and accident millions. 

First, the two agreement are not interchangeable. A distributed ledger is about a aggregate ledger or database that doesn’t charge a Blockchain, nor a cryptocurrency token, nor a accord algorithm.

R3’s Corda platform, for example, has been criticized afresh by abounding in the Bitcoin association because the it wasn’t too absolute on whether it was alive on a blockchain or broadcast balance platform.

Blockchains, on the added hand, are “a accessible balance of all Bitcoin affairs that accept anytime been executed” by definition. What’s more, this alternation consistently grows as completed (i.e. verified) blocks are added to it via a accord algorithm with a new set of recorded affairs in a linear, archival order. Hence the appellation block-chain.


But amid the current hype of ‘chainwashing,’ Blockchain has “almost taken on a activity of its own” among corporate executives, area it is acceptable “a bit like a CEO vanity project,” Martha Bennett, arch analyst at Forrester, told AmericanBanker.

This is affiliated to every coffer antagonism to advance their “own adaptation of the Windows operating system,” she adds. Would annihilation assignment if every coffer or business attempted to body their own platforms instead of architecture on top of the best widely-accepted one? The acknowledgment is a resounding no as this would not alone aftereffect in breach but additionally actualize ‘islands’ of abstruse stagnation.

“The aggressive adverse is in the applications you body on top,” Bennett notes.

One of the key challenges for Blockchain to affected is ascent – an affair that Bitcoin itself is currently aggravating to cope with.

Establishing a belvedere amid a few applicant banks with assorted permissions is almost accessible back assurance is not a above agency amid alone a scattering of counterparties. But as network effect moves accomplished Dunbar’s number and beyond, ascent becomes hard.

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For example, Northern Trust and IBM accept recently launched what they alarm the aboriginal commercially deployed blockchain-based band-aid for finance. However, the belvedere runs on aloof four nodes with an blurred accord mechanism, which can’t be advised a “full-fledged” blockchain network, according to Bennett.

“It’s analogously accessible to get article alive amid two or three parties because again it’s accessible to agree,” she continues. “What we still don’t acquire is annihilation that scales and added importantly, annihilation area you can be abiding added companies will acquire the aforementioned processes or abstracts standards.”

So could alleged “private blockchains” become a affair for banks?


Perhaps, but a appellation such as Distributed Balance would apparently be added authentic at this point. Whereas Blockchain should be apparent added like a accessible account providing a balance that is arresting to all. Such accuracy is adverse with acceptable banking, an industry that’s built on trust, applicant relationships, and centralized accumulator of claimed data (a archetypal that’s acceptable increasingly insecure and a honeypot for cybercriminals).

Bennett explains:

That’s not to say that banks will never be able to acquisition a legitimate use-case for blockchain technology in the future. However, accepted attempts arise to be annihilation added than chainwashed “vanity projects” apprenticed added by the admiration to be in the account rather than an absolute attack at “disruption from the inside-out.”   

In added words, abstraction it, advance it, analysis it — but don’t call it a blockchain aloof yet.

Will coffer be able to agitate from the chaotic or will Bitcoin accomplish them irrelevant? Share your thoughts below!

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