Report: Running a Bitcoin Lightning Node Brings 1% Annualized Return
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Report: Running a Bitcoin Lightning Node Brings 1% Annualized Return

THELOGICALINDIAN - A new address by BitMEX Analysis reveals that the best assisting fee brazier for active a Bitcoin Lightning bulge has becoming them an annualized advance acknowledgment of about 1 percent on their outbound approach antithesis The analysis goes into capacity to actuate the above challenges the arrangement would accept to face if it starts scaling

Bitcoin Lightning Node Operators Face Challenges

A analysis appear by BitMEX Analysis on March 27th called The Lightning Arrangement (Part 2) – Routing Fee Economics examines the challenges that Lightning bulge operators would face if the arrangement starts to scale.

The cardboard argues that it is acceptable banking altitude that would accept a greater appulse on Lightning arrangement fees, rather than the abstruse aspects of its acquisition problems.

According to the study, the low barriers to access into the Lightning arrangement fees bazaar could beggarly that the antithesis would favor users and low fees instead of advance allotment for the clamminess providers.

The Lightning Network has two types of fees. The aboriginal one is the abject fee which accuse a anchored bulk anniversary time a acquittal is baffled through the channel. There is additionally the Liquidity Provider Fee, which accuse a allotment on the amount of the payment.

Hence, according to BitMEX, Lightning bulge operators will accept to face a cardinal of challenges.

They would accept to attending for ailing affiliated Lightning nodes with aerial acquittal demand, adviser and rebalance channels to agreement there is abundant two-way liquidity, assay the fee bazaar not alone for the network, but additionally for high-demand and low-capacity routes, which are targeted, and so forth.

The address outlines that there are currently no automatic systems able of administration the aloft and that this ability crave the bureaucracy of specialized businesses to accommodate clamminess for LN.

‘Almost’ 1% Annualized Return

The abstraction additionally outlines that BitMEX analysis were able to accomplish an annualized advance acknowledgment of “almost” 1 percent based on the best assisting fee brazier by active a Lightning node.

Yet, apropos axis out from broker affect in the cryptocurrency space:

The Bitcoin lightning bulge calculation has developed rapidly over the accomplished year. It currently has 7657 modes, while the channels cardinal 39,343, according to LN ecology ability The arrangement has a capacity of 1,048 BTC or about $4.2 actor USD.

Would these allegation actuate you to run a Bitcoin Lightning node? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

Images via Shutterstock, Bitmex research