BlockNotary Used for Payment Processor Pay-Me

BlockNotary Used for Payment Processor Pay-Me

THELOGICALINDIAN - BlockNotaryis a new app that uses Tierionand it isnow acclimated for one of Russias better adaptable acquittal processors PayMe is a Russian adaptable payments processor with over 30000 installed accessories now backed by the ability of the Bitcoin blockchain

In the past, new barter would accept to annals via account that was conducted in being with a chump account rep, due to Russian abyss burglary acclaim cards and proceeding to use adaptable PoS terminals to acquit money.

Blocknotary has done abroad with this, replacing it with a video account that can be conducted through a adaptable application, area Tierion (through Blocknotarys app) collects the abstracts to actualize absolute almanac of the action which is again stored on the blockchain. This abundantly accelerates the process, by authoritative the accomplished analysis accomplish abundant smoother, acceptance the chump to accept their PoS accessory alien in a timelier manner. A video of the absolute action (takes actually about a minute from alpha to finish) is apparent on Tierions blog, affiliated here.

Tierion is a “cloud belvedere backed by the ability of the blockchain”, acceptance users to calmly aggregate and abundance data. Once abstracts is acquired, it is again anchored to the blockchain to ensure authenticity, and the user is beatific a blockchain receipt, acceptance the user to verify the abstracts after relying on a trusted third party.

 Will added banking institutions attending to Bitcoin back it comes to screening new customers? What do you think? Let us apperceive in the comments below!