Woman Accepts 21-Day Bitcoin Survival Challenge in Post-Ban China

Woman Accepts 21-Day Bitcoin Survival Challenge in Post-Ban China

THELOGICALINDIAN - Do you anticipate you could biking and survive for 21 canicule on aloof 021 Bitcoin How about in a country area the authorities accept banned it A Chinese documentary is afterward a adolescent woman attempting to do aloof this in some of Chinas above cities

Your abstraction of a reasonable amount of active acceptable depends on where you live. The amount of food, accommodation, and basal aliment varies broadly beyond the planet. Wages tend to reflect the active costs locally.

A absolute bulk of 0.21 Bitcoin (BTC) [coin_price] is agnate to aloof beneath USD $65 per day, equating to about USD $2023 per month. There are citizenry of above western cities who alive on beneath than this. In China, area a bargain meal can amount as little as $1, abounding could accede it a fortune.


The absolute claiming faced by He You Bing — a pseudonym alluding to her adulation of Bitcoin — was to pay for aggregate with Bitcoin application her adaptable phone. Especially as the Chinese authorities abide to apply their ban-hammer after carelessness The best contempo accomplishments are those adjoin offshore exchanges and crypto-news-outlets.

The aboriginal few canicule of the claiming in Beijing saw little success for Bing. The alone affair Bing managed to absorb money on was a rental bike, acceptance her to appointment added vendors. They all banned to acquire Bitcoin, acceptation Bing lived on ketchup sachets, leftovers, and agrarian bake-apple from trees. She slept in 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants.

Just as Bing had accustomed up all hope, her adventure started to get some attention. People begin her on WeChat, alms to catechumen Bitcoin to fiat. By day six back the claiming confused to Shenzhen, her WeChat supporters numbered three thousand.

They would advertise her toiletries, buy her clothes, and alike book her hotels for Bitcoin. Over time, her supporters began to chase out Bitcoin-friendly vendors on her account and broadcast the advice to her.

Bing is now advancing the end of the claiming in the southern burghal of Guangzhou. Although the majority of those that Bing meets are still blind of Bitcoin or agnostic of her challenge, she has developed a action for award bodies who will barter her Bitcoin.

In a country area the authorities are currently demography such a awkward attitude adjoin cryptocurrency, it is nice to see that Bitcoin is still activity able amidst agenda communities. Perhaps alike added absorbing is the alertness of these communities to abutment their adolescent members.

What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin’s Chinese challenge? What about He You Bing’s own challenge? Don’t alternate to let us apperceive in the comments below!

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