Bitcoin is 11 Times ‘Faster’ Than Litecoin, New Data Reveals

Bitcoin is 11 Times ‘Faster’ Than Litecoin, New Data Reveals

THELOGICALINDIAN - One of the best accepted criticisms collapsed adjoin Bitcoin is that it is apathetic at atomic compared to newer imitations But its akin of decentralization agency aloof 6 transaction confirmations accommodate complete aegis adjoin bifold spending

Not All Blockchain Confirmations Are the Same

So how abounding confirmations are appropriate by the altcoins to accommodate the aforementioned bulk of assignment to defended the network? And how continued do those confirmations take? Luckily, developer Luke Childs made a thing, again Charlie Shrem attentive tweeted that thing.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The benchmark; with over $130 billion bazaar cap and aloof 6 confirmations appropriate to defended the network. Estimated time – 1 hour and 2 minutes.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Let’s attending at Ethereum, the abiding additional better cryptocurrency by bazaar cap at over $20 billion. To do the aforementioned bulk of assignment accepting the arrangement as 6 bitcoin confirmations crave about 1400 confirmations. Estimated time – 5 hours and 11 account (or 5x slower than Bitcoin).

3. Litecoin (LTC)

An aboriginal facsimile of Bitcoin, with a altered hashing algorithm, Litecoin is the 5th better cryptocurrency, with a bazaar cap over $5.75 billion. It would booty 250 confirmations to do the agnate assignment of 6 BTC confirmations. Estimated time – 11 hours and 19 account (or 11x slower than Bitcoin).

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin Cash adamantine angle is accessible to analyze as it uses the aforementioned hashing algorithm. It is the 4th better crypto by bazaar cap, at over $6.6 billion. But it would booty 122 confirmations to accommodate the aforementioned bulk of arrangement accepting at Bitcoin’s 6. Estimated time – 19 hours and 19 account (or 18x slower than Bitcoin).

Honorable Mentions

Bitcoin SV, Dash, and Monero appear in amid two and four canicule (53x, 78x, and 90x slower respectively). Relative minnows, Zcash and Ravencoin, bat able-bodied aloft their weight, at 1 day 8 hours (31x slower) and 1 day 17 hours (40x slower). And Ethereum Classic comes in aloof advanced of Monero at 88x slower than Bitcoin.

Everything abroad is over 200x slower than Bitcoin’s 6 confirmations to accommodate the aforementioned network-securing work.


This allegory is of the cardinal of confirmations appropriate to do the aforementioned bulk of assignment as 6 Bitcoin confirmations. It does not booty into annual any abeyant differences in arrangement architecture which may facilitate greater aegis through beneath work.

bitcoin miners mining hashrate

It also, by design, it does not accommodate non-Proof-of-Work tokens, abundant to the annoyance of the Ripple army. I’ll assurance off with a animadversion larboard on Shrem’s tweet… and again aloof boring aback away.

In any case, it does assume like Bitcoin’s apathetic and abiding access is acceptable the heart’s of investors about the globe.

Should altcoins be added honest about the absolute confirmations required? Share your thoughts below!

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