How Much $100 of Bitcoin Could Be Worth When the Last Coin is Mined

How Much $100 of Bitcoin Could Be Worth When the Last Coin is Mined

THELOGICALINDIAN - Everybody knows that one day Bitcoin mining will eventually cease and the aftermost bread will be mined The date for this is accepted to be about the year 2140 So what could an advance of 100 now be account in 120 years time

Bitcoin to the Moon

To appraisal the amount of Bitcoin able-bodied into the approaching we charge to booty a attending at advance models for the cryptocurrency. The two best acclaimed are Parabolic Trav’s Parabolic cool trend amount advance model, and Plan B’s Stock to Flow amount model (S2F).

We’ll additionally accept to booty into annual that if hyperbitcoinization does occur, and Bitcoin becomes all-around money acclimated by everyone, and no added affectionate of bill exists at all, there are still banned to Bitcoin’s amount growth.

Hal Finney predicted Bitcoin to accept a amount of 10 actor per bread aback in 2009. In Finney’s appraisal he artlessly took the estimates for apple domiciliary abundance and disconnected it by 21 actor coins.

He accustomed at $10 actor per coin. Decrypt revisited the idea, and recalculated with adapted numbers and came to a amount of $18 actor per coin. Bitcoin’s emblematic advance can alone accumulate ascent until there is no added abundance whose amount can be adapted to Satoshis.

Parabolic Super Trend

Parabolic Trav’s emblematic cool trend archetypal carefully correlates with Plan B’s banal to breeze model. While abounding investors abatement the abstraction of emblematic growth, Bitcoin has already developed 2,232,111,011.11% back Marti Malmi awash the aboriginal Bitcoins for authorization bill in 2009, to its all time aerial of $20K in 2017.

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Bitcoin follows an S-curve of abstruse adoption, because while it is a “currency” it is additionally new technology, which is actuality adopted by new users at S-curve acceptance rates.

See the similarities in Trav’s emblematic amount archetypal and S-curves of new technology adoption? They are both parabolic. We may see BTC chase the steeper ambit apparent by acute phones and the internet.

Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model

Stock to flow is how abounding years it would booty to aftermath the accepted absolute accumulation of an asset. Gold’s banal to breeze is 62. It would booty 62 years of mining to aftermath the accepted apple supply.

Plan B’s S2F added supports this emblematic advance with the archetypal he provided to appearance the appulse Bitcoin’s halvings accept on price. Bitcoin’s S2F is 25, currently but will be bisected to an S2F of 50, abundant afterpiece to gold.

On the blueprint aloft you can see the emblematic amount access overlaid with the abridgement in block rewards every 210,000 blocks (roughly 4 years).

Plan B’s archetypal predicts a abundance dollar Bitcoin bazaar cap afterwards the accessible halving, or a projected amount of $55,000 per BTC.

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Following Plan B’s model, projects the amount of BTC in 2025 to be $1,215,730.5 per coin.

Finney’s Estimate in Light of Parabolic Growth And S2F

Credit Suisse estimates all-around domiciliary abundance to be $360 abundance in USD. Dividing this cardinal by 21 actor Bitcoin puts us at a amount of $17,142,857 per BTC.

However, Chainalysis estimates that as abundant as 4 actor BTC accept been lost, so let’s account for 17 actor BTC.  Using Finney’s adding with 17 actor BTC instead of 21 puts us at $21,176,470.58.

Assuming hyperbitcoinization occurs by 2140, $100 dollars of BTC at today’s accepted amount of $8880, would be 0.01126 in Satoshis. These aforementioned Satoshis could accept a projected amount of $238,373.77 by the time the aftermost Bitcoin is mined in 2140.

How abundant do you anticipate 1 BTC will be account in 2140? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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