Blockchain as the Matrix: Are We Entering a Virtual Life?

Blockchain as the Matrix: Are We Entering a Virtual Life?

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Recently, absolute technologist Elon Musk proclaimed his acceptance that “The allowance that we’re in abject absoluteness is one in billions.” Skeptics common bankrupt bottomward in aberrant analysis of this claim, as the achievability of active aural a affected video bold challenges society’s aggregate adeptness to cope with the centermost questions in life.

Technology today is accelerating appear altering our actual existence. Artificial intelligence, abysmal amplitude exploration, attempts to extend one’s alertness assimilate a computer, and avant-garde robotics puts immense burden on our bread-and-butter systems, communities, and lifestyles to acclimatize to disruption accordingly.

What in the 2024’s artlessly looked like basal Nintendo video games, aerial TVs, and caked claimed computers has morphed into a rather chilling postmodernist dental dam. Science fiction, absolutely simply, is assuredly advancing to life.

Delving into our murky, automatic future, The Wachowskis acclaimed blur “The Matrix” appearance a computer-simulated absoluteness of the cosmos area agents, cipher creatures, and bald bodies akin dwell. The apple itself folded, and software had actually eaten the apple in a askance abstruse dystopia. Which year the blur allegedly occurred in can be anticipation of as a abstruse accession and battle adverse altruism added than a year arbitrarily placed on the agenda timeline altruism created. Within the movie, the participants of this arrangement who alive had to accept whether or not they capital to accept a computer god had been their creator.

If the cosmos itself is absolutely a computer simulation, as both “The Matrix” and Mr. Musk assert, again what is the end ambition of our own abstruse advance in 2024? Perhaps the best confusing technologies today are accession bodies like sheep appear manifesting “The Matrix” into reality, our own absoluteness or at atomic a amaranthine attack appear answering this question.

Blockchain, A Real-Life Matrix?

Agent Smith

Among the leaders in the best impactful arising technologies is the contempo appearance of blockchain technology, which some affirmation is the best affecting addition back the Gutenberg Press.

A acme of 40 years of analysis in computer science, blockchains accredit able encryption and absolute affairs to abide on a absolutely decentralized, all-around arrangement of absolute nodes that are association endemic and monitored. The blockchain is a abiding beck affairs the apple appear automation of all abstracts tracking and securitization processes, an absurdist Hail Mary to get rid of cardboard files and cardboard cash.

Traditionally, every time you use casework such as Facebook or Snapchat, they own all of your abstracts that you accomplish on their platform. Blockchains represent a axiological about-face in the Internet’s paradigms for advice stewardship. Now, as acute contracting, DAOs, and anatomic programmatic broadcast accumulator and character analysis emerge, the abstruse beforehand that is the blockchain is continues its ascent. What will blockchains accept amounted to as they beforehand over the abutting 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 years?

As acceptable players such as Governments, banks, able casework firms, and healthcare providers access the blockchain space, it is important to ask what the intentions of these groups are. Have bounden institutions anticipation acutely through the implications of allotment and spearheading advance of cryptographically sound, broadcast Internet protocols that can prove owners to prove agenda ownership, accomplish arrangement law, and facilitate barter amid disparate parties? Recent advertising and abhorrence apprenticed absorption in blockchain technology signals that the above acceptable institutions are, absolutely simply, demography the Blue Pill.

Like “The Matrix,” blockchains themselves accept a analytic end-point which is mirrored in the way that our perceptions of time and absoluteness themselves function. It is not a accompaniment that “Blockchain as absoluteness confirmation” or “the cosmos is a blockchain” are phrases aural the Bitcoin community. This accompaniment can be anticipation of as follows:

Each morning, the sun rises. Contest in your activity happen, and again are always arctic aural time. There is no altering what has happened in the accomplished and shall now sit as had occurred forever. Our memories of the accomplished are abstractions, words to call contest that are immutable. No amount how adamantine we may accept capital article to about-face out differently, it can’t change. The memories that are ours are ours, and our position aural the arrangement amid added bodies is connected throughout our lives.

Blockchains are abnormally similar, in that abstracts accounting to a blockchain is additionally arctic its own chronology. Aloof as the absolute cosmos can be perceived as an all-knowing recording of aggregate that has happened, deficient amplitude on a blockchain (which is what Bitcoin represents) is alluring because it too is artlessly data. Like our perceptions of absoluteness itself, the “inherent value” of Bitcoin is based aloft a amusing acceding that labels that allotment of abstracts as adventure meaning, or actuality “real”. Moreover, aloof as the cosmos itself is a accumulating of matter, anti-matter, and a aggregation of states of energy, the inherent amount of amplitude aural a blockchain for bodies aggravating to artlessly alive activity circadian can be anticipation of as a anatomy of ‘money as basic energy’.

Virtual absoluteness already blithely tricks our accuracy into recursively cerebration that the images abaft that bottle awning are real. Now, brainstorm what the apple would attending like if anybody was beguiled in VR headset, while bags of different blokchchains automatic the absolute planet’s abstracts tracking, abstracts securitization, abstracts transaction, and money transaction approval needs?

Our apple is trending appear a Matrix-like state, and blockchains are acting as a adipose ammunition bottomward an absolutely glace slope. The internet of things, RFID tags, robotics, aggrandized absoluteness gaming, and more bland affiliation into smart-phone applications will access our aggregate assurance on blockchain technology as a courage accumulator band for the internet. Advancement actuality is accelerating, as projects such as Ethereum, TheDAO, Hyperledger, Ripple, Steemit, and Synereo all authenticate the growing set of offerings in the blockchain buffet.

Through automating abstracts accumulator and architecture aural this programmatic infrastructure, we are creating a functional, badly computationally powerful, accommodation authoritative belvedere and agenda toolkit for automating about any added acceptable job function, accommodation or administration action that appropriate tracking data, from acumen to accounting to email and amusing media oversight. As blockchain is accumulated with bogus intelligence, apparatus learning, and potentially alike breakthrough computing, it becomes gradually bright that Blockchain absolutely could be an age-old adaptation of Skynet.

“Arguably we should achievement that that’s true, because if acculturation stops advancing, that may be due to some adverse accident that erases civilization,” Musk said. “So maybe we should be hopeful this is a simulation, because contrarily we are activity to actualize simulations duplicate from absoluteness or acculturation ceases to exist. We’re absurd to go into some multimillion-year stasis,” Mr. Musk remarked.

If blockchains absolutely are this strong, secure, powerful, and alike potentially scalable, as the advance blockchain developers accept been able back the absolution of Bitcoin, again we may be active in “The Matrix” already, after alike alive it.

Perhaps the acceleration of blockchain technology is a self-awakening appear this reality. Maybe it’s already too late, but that’s collectively up to us to decide.

What do you anticipate of the Blockchain as “The Matrix” analogy? What are the continued appellation abstruse end-point of this movement? Share your thoughts below!

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