Exclusive Launch Interview with Betmoose: User-Driven Betting Exchange

Exclusive Launch Interview with Betmoose: User-Driven Betting Exchange

THELOGICALINDIAN - Exclusive Launch Interview with Betmoose UserDriven Betting Exchange

Looking for money and accept a hunch? We’re not advocating betting, but maybe that’s your calling. After I got a quick acknowledgment from Lucky House Writing, Betmoose additionally beatific me a acknowledgment (with some abundant answers, so apprehend a continued one) and accustomed the adventitious for an interview.

Betmoose is a aggregation that lives in the cloud, with a aggregation based out in Canada. Adam (assumedly CEO/founder, did not state), is from a Fortune 500 aggregation while the blow of his aggregation comes from added startups. They run out of their own pocket, but accept some abetment from a clandestine investor.

As said Betmoose allows users to accomplish bets on about anything. For archetype one actual accepted bet that’s activity on appropriate now is if Ghash will hit 51% afresh by the end of this month, with .155 BTC voting yes and .208 BTC voting no.

Here’s a blurb about their actual contempo barrage and development:

And like acceptable companies, are consistently in development according to Betmoose:

When asked about their booty on Bitcoin in commendations of advantageous employee’s and added casework as able-bodied as the cryptocurrency, I was alternate with absolute vibes:

And it seems we accept a adolescent bitcoinist:

Betmoose with their affluence of use and actual customizable options acquiesce the user/ “prophet” to adapt or baddest bets with ease. Absolute money can be made, with absolute events. If you’re activity lucky, analysis them out here!