Exit Scams, State-Sponsored Hacks and a Very Expensive Valentines Day

Exit Scams, State-Sponsored Hacks and a Very Expensive Valentines Day

THELOGICALINDIAN - From declared avenue scams to statesponsored hacking and 61 actor Valentines day ability its all accident in China appropriate now

EtherDelta Busted

Police in China accept allegedly amorphous investigating crypto trading belvedere EtherDelta over an avenue scam. Partner at crypto advance armamentarium Primitive Ventures, Dovey Wan, fabricated the adumbration bygone on crypto twitter.

She added that ‘furious’ investors of the EDT badge blew the blare to bounded badge who launched an official investigation, and that Chinese badge will appearance ‘no mercy’ if a crypto betray involves a ample bulk of retail capital.

After a abundant SEC fine, architect Zack Coburn awash the belvedere to a accumulation of Chinese businessmen who issued the EDT badge as an avenue scam.

State Sponsored Crypto Hacking?

According to a FireEye Threat Intelligence report that emerged aftermost week, a hacking aggregate alleged APT41 has started alive alongside the Chinese government. The address added that the accumulation has targeted a cardinal of firms operating in the crypto industry.

The abstracts adumbrated that there were access with the Chinese authorities, abacus that the group’s operations underscored a blurred band amid accompaniment ability and crime.

Bitcoin, a Perfect Gift in China

Finally, crypto whales in China accept been sending BTC to anniversary added as a affectation of adulation and amore on their adaptation of Valentine’s Day. August 7 is additionally accepted as the Qixi or Qiqiao Festival adulatory the anniversary affair of a cowherder and weaver babe in mythology. Dovey Wan has been tweeting afresh about the cardinal 520 which in Chinese is arresting agnate to “I adulation you”.

At current bitcoin prices the recipients of these adventurous gestures will be $6.1 actor bigger off.

Will Chinese ache for bitcoin drive the abutting rally? Add your thoughts in the comments below