Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 3, Part 1: Why Gold?)
bitcoinist book club

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 3, Part 1: Why Gold?)

THELOGICALINDIAN - Welcome aback Bitcoin lovers For those whore aloof tunning in were currently exploring The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous When we accomplishment with the third affiliate youll apperceive absolutely why altruism best gold as the best adored of metals and its anatomy of money of best The affidavit are absolute Altruism was acutely able to do so

However, you charge this advice afore we get into it.

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About The Coolest Club On Earth

The Bitcoinist Book Club has two altered use cases: 

1.- For the superstar-executive-investor on the run, we’ll abridge the must-read books for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One by one. Affiliate by chapter. We apprehend them so you don’t accept to, and accord you aloof the gold-y bits. 

2.- For the attentive abecedarian who’s actuality for the research, we’ll accommodate liner addendum to accompany your reading. After our book club finishes with the book, you can consistently appear aback to brace the concepts and acquisition acute quotes. 

Everybody wins. Gold medals.

So far, we’ve covered:

Let’s alpha with “Chapter 3: Monetary Metals.

Gold, being bathed inMetals fabricated anachronistic the “artifact money” we deep-dived into in the antecedent chapter. Coins were easier to carry, awful salable, accustomed everywhere, and aggressive to all kinds of weather. Also, the adversity metal mining presented at the time fabricated it absurd to access the accumulation decidedly enough.

After an analysis period, altruism acclimatized bottomward on three. Gold for austere transactions, argent for circadian life, and chestnut for baby transactions. Those metals were attenuate enough, and, “Gold’s basic indestructibility, in particular, accustomed bodies to abundance amount beyond generations, appropriately acceptance us to advance a best time border orientation.

Metal bill were “the prime anatomy of money for about 2,500 years.” Especially gold coins. Nevertheless, the arrangement was flawed. First of all, the amount of those three metals fluctuated, authoritative it adamantine for bodies to accumulate clue of what they owned. The best airy was, “silver, which accomplished declines in amount due to increases in assembly and drops in demand.”

The better flaw, however, was that “governments and counterfeiters” could abate the metal agreeable of these coins, appropriately abbreviation their purchasing power. This aboriginal anatomy of abasement transferred some of the amount of anniversary bread to whoever kept the missing metal. The absolute problem, though, was that “The abridgement in the metal agreeable of the bill compromised the abstention and acumen of the money.

Enter cardboard (backed by gold)

Technology and composure advance altruism to paper. As time went by, individuals began transacting with “checks backed by gold in the treasuries of their banks.” This fabricated argent anachronistic because it fabricated gold always divisible. However, the arrangement had a “tragic flaw” that echoes into the present: 

Gold amount blueprint for 05/29/2021

But seriously, why gold?

Humanity approved it all and fabricated its choice. The complete achievement of gold had two actinic causes: 

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And nowadays, the affidavit are added solid than ever. Gold is about indestructible, so, about aggregate that we’ve extracted from the apple is still around.

And that agency that it’s “practically absurd for goldminers to abundance quantities of gold ample enough to abase the amount significantly.” That acute adversity in assembly makes gold “hard money.” And the metal is still deficient abundant to be complete money and a astute investment. 

You’ll accept to amount out how to abundance it and accumulate it safe, of course, but a astute advance nonetheless.

Next time, we’ll accomplishment affiliate 3 by exploring how did this action played out. Historically speaking.