Accenture: Blockchain ‘Perfect Match’ For Aviation Industry

Accenture: Blockchain ‘Perfect Match’ For Aviation Industry

THELOGICALINDIAN - Accenture has appear out with new proposals on how Blockchain technology could be a absolute bout for the airline industry

The all-around consulting close appear an outline, which foresees Blockchain’s administration in assorted areas of bartering aviation, advertence the industry and beginning technology “align actual well.”


“With so abounding systems in play—airlines abandoned abode abstracts in abounding abandoned systems from commuter account to aggregation management—data barter is not consistently smooth,” the absolution explains.

It continues that not aloof air travel, but the biking industry as a accomplished has abundant to account from Blockchain, article which has not able the apprehension of added above corporations.

Back in 2014, a flurry of action from above biking industry players saw both airlines and booking websites such as Expedia alpha accepting Bitcoin.

Latvian carrier AirBaltic still accepts the basic bill as acquittal for the majority of its abridgement flights, with its abreast $8 booking fee waived for Bitcoin purchases.


Accenture now acutely sees an befalling for above expansion. “The best artistic and confusing possibilities go above authentic banking transactions,” it says, citation use cases in ticketing, adherence schemes, aegis and identity, as able-bodied as maintenance.

These areas accept about all been advised by added Blockchain businesses in the past. The technology has been acclimated to abridge and defended alike adherence schemes before, for archetype in Dubai, area authorities are aiming to arrange the check of schemes in operation.

In agreement of security, arguably the best aerial aspect of operations for bartering air travel, the absolution suggests that,

If it sounds like hot air, however, a admonition is included.

“Even so, airlines charge access the blockchain change judiciously,” Accenture adds. “Managing abstracts cannot artlessly become: ‘Let’s stick it on the chain.’”

Accenture nonetheless has ahead addled a somewhat altered accent on Blockchain security. In September, the close unveiled alleged “editable Blockchains” which it said addressed “mischief and added issues, while attention key cryptographic features.”

Close up of pencil eraser

Such Blockchains could be edited beneath what Accenture describes as “extraordinary circumstances.”

“As we focus on new uses for blockchain technology above the branch of cryptocurrency, complete immutability will become both a advantage and a vice,” Richard Lumb, accumulation arch controlling of banking casework said.

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