Airbnb Co-Founder Speaks On Blockchain Technology

Airbnb Co-Founder Speaks On Blockchain Technology

THELOGICALINDIAN - In an account with City AM Airbnb cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Nathan Blecharczyk batten about Mpesa and blockchain technology Blecharczyk thinks its an agitative time to reflect on the accepted types of technology adage the aggregation could bung into its absolute basement to heighten ability and safety

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Airbnb to Adopt the Blockchain in the Future?

airbnbAirbnb is a accepted website area bodies can search, account and hire a acting residence. The belvedere has over 1.5 actor listings advance beyond 190 countries. The abreast endemic business was founded in 2008 and is currently admired at over $24 billion USD. In his contempo interview, Blecharczyk was asked about the 40,000 backdrop listed in Africa and accessible partnerships with firms like Mpesa. The co-founder details, “It’s too aboriginal to say what will be on our roadmap, but eventually, we may.”

Airbnb is actual accustomed with blockchain technology and decentralized currencies, and seems acquisitive to apprentice added about these concepts. In 2014, the San Francisco-based website announced on their blog that they would accept bedfellow apostle Adrian Macneil allege about decentralized payments. The blog column said the Director of Engineering at Coinbase talked about “the blockchain and attending at how affairs are generated and advertisement in a absolutely arguable peer-to-peer network. He will altercate what role miners comedy in this arrangement and whether the blockchain arrangement could abide absolute of the Bitcoin currency.”   

When City A.M. accuser Harriet Green afflicted the accountable to blockchain technology, the Airbnb co-founder was asked about assurance aural networks. Aural the Airbnb network, acceptability is a analytical allotment of the arrangement Blecharczyk explains. The CTO states:

The abode business has hinted at digital bill use aural its agent in the past. In 2014 CEO Brian Chesky asked his 110,000 Twitter followers if the aggregation should acquire Bitcoin. Many bodies got aflame about this cheep and replied to the co-founder. Venture backer Marc Andreesen said, “Yes and again some.” Technological abstracted Andreas Antonopoulos wrote, “YES It would abate fees, accumulate payments, abate accident and be accessible to apparatus after barter rate/volatility risk.”

Many bodies would adulation for companies like Airbnb and Uber to accept a decentralized payments plan. In the future, it’s accessible these businesses will apparatus a digital bill solution or use blockchain technology in the backdrop. Until then, the cryptocurrency association can alone achievement but hints like these added adhesive the vision.

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