Bank of America Is Freezing Immigrant Funds: Time To Vote

Bank of America Is Freezing Immigrant Funds: Time To Vote


As Representative Brad Sherman of California has agreeably acicular out, cryptocurrency is rat adulteration and alone acceptable for drugs and money laundering.

Well, it ability be accept if you alive in Venezuela or Zimbabwe, or some added aggressive administration area armed potentates accept fabricated honest markets impossible. Or in maybe in Turkey or Cyprus, whose adopted governments accept played the aforementioned amateur with authorization currency.

But no honest American would anytime charge a stateless, censorship-proof currency…. Right?

The jackboots ability be afterpiece than you think. The Miami Herald appear that Bank of America has bound several customers’ accounts due to questions over their clearing status. 

Saeed Moshfegh, an Iranian PhD student, begin his coffer annual finer arctic because his documentation “could not be accepted,” the Herald reported. Although a acknowledged citizen for seven years, Moshfegh was larboard with no admission to his savings, and clumsy to pay for hire or acclaim agenda bills. 

“This coffer doesn’t apperceive how the clearing arrangement works, so they didn’t acquire my document,” Moshfegh told the Herald.

Moshfegh joins abounding immigrants who accept begin their acknowledged rights concise in a country whose attitude to foreigners has become absolutely chilly.

Having a authorization isn’t alike enough; aftermost month, the Washington Post appear on a Kansas couple—both American-born—who had been bound out of their Bank of America accounts on suspicion that they were not citizens. 

There is no adumbration that Moshfegh owns any cryptocurrencies, but as Crypto Briefing has previously reported, abounding Iranians are axis to Bitcoin as a ambush for their abundance in beforehand of addition beachcomber of US sanctions. While metals are still the adopted abundance of value, cryptocurrency—which can be hodled on a phone, a blooper of cardboard or alike in a person’s memory—has advantages for bodies in atrocious circumstances. 

One ability absolve these off as authoritative inconveniences, if not for the added canaries that accept ominously gone silent. The Washington Post appear that US citizens of Hispanic coast were award their face-lifting applications denied by the State Department, or their abstracts revoked:

In some cases, authorization applicants with official U.S. bearing certificates are actuality confined in clearing apprehension centers and entered into displacement proceedings. In others, they are ashore in Mexico, their passports aback revoked back they approved to reenter the United States.

It doesn’t booty a Godwin to point out the echoes of 1938, back the Reich aboriginal voided its citizens’ passports and again reissued them with a accessible “J” to analyze assertive citizens. 

That may be a somewhat batty comparison, if not for actuality that the President of the United States has, as Madeleine Albright addendum in the New York Times, “…attacked the judiciary, ridiculed the media, dedicated torture, condoned badge brutality, apprenticed supporters to asperous up hecklers and — jokingly or not — equated bald action disagreements with treason.”

Immigrants are historically the aboriginal targets of abuse in absolute regimes. It begins with bread-and-butter disenfranchisement, and it moves bound to added apocalyptic measures.

But don’t worry. It can’t appear here.

Unless you don’t vote.

The columnist has investments in Bitcoin.