Freelance Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Writers

Freelance Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Writers


Crypto Briefing is a absolutely absolute blockchain voice, and we’re attractive for freelance cryptocurrency writers as able-bodied as full-time journalists.

Our  mission is simple: we apostle for the safe and amenable affiliation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into boilerplate life. The foundation of our assignment is not dictated by advertisers – because we accept none.

In beneath than six months, we’ve organically developed a media acreage that is already confined 500,000 readers per month.

We are currently hiring for our account aggregation and we’re attractive for the best outstanding aptitude only.

As a account biographer for Crypto Briefing, you’ll bear short, snappy, accordant account items to our readers.

We acerb accent agreeable autograph that caters to a highly-intelligent audience. Our readers are both aboriginal adopters and crypto newbies, but their accepted denominator is that they’re hunting for acute and abreast work.

What we are attractive for in a freelance cryptocurrency writer:

• The adeptness to baddest arresting account belief and locate primary and accessory sources.

• The application to bear several accessories of 400-600 words each, every week.

• A alertness to advance your own pieces through our amusing media channels.

• Exceptional absorption to detail and fact-checking skills.

• Demonstrable autograph ability in business markets.

• A able absorption in, and bent for, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

What we are NOT attractive for in a cryptocurrency journalist:

• Opinion or affection writing, how-to guides, ICO reviewers, or analysts. We’re hiring for the news.

• Perfection. You’ll be alive alongside an accomplished editor who will action connected admonition on how to advance – and who will apprehend you to apprentice bound and booty effective acknowledgment well.

• Plagiarism: it is area for burning dismissal. We accept a zero-tolerance policy.

Instructions for appointment your appliance – amuse apprehend carefully.

We attending advanced to your appliance – or if you apperceive addition who ability fit, amuse allotment this post.

Given the aerial aggregate of responses anticipated, we apologize in beforehand that we will alone be able to acknowledge to those inquiries that bright our aboriginal review.

“Ships that break in harbors are safe. But ships are not congenital to break in harbors.”

– John Shedd