Billboard Teams Up With Universal Music Group To Put NFT On Charts
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Billboard Teams Up With Universal Music Group To Put NFT On Charts

THELOGICALINDIAN - Billboard and Universal Music Group accept teamed calm to authorize ChartStars an NFTbased agenda collectibles action based on the Flow blockchain

The accumulating will affection artist-focused agenda artwork that ceremoniousness the Billboard Charts’ triumphs and milestones. Clips from music videos, anthology cover, and added items will be included in the collectibles. There will be amateur included into the belvedere as well.

Billboard For NFTs

Billboard, an American music and ball firm, has announced a affiliation with Universal Music Group (UMG) to access the rapidly growing NFT ecosystem. Billboard said on Wednesday that it is starting an NFT activity dubbed Chartstars, which would use the Flow blockchain for its NFT compilation. The Chartstars NFTs will additionally accept “officially accountant art and creative, including abbreviate beheld clips from music videos and anthology photography,” according to Billboard.

Billboard President Julian Holguin said in the announcement:

Collecting and gamification will be anchored into the Flow blockchain platform, according to Billboard, through beneficiary leaderboards, challenges, and absolute account broiled into the acute contracts, including different admission to Billboard Live Events.


Universal Music Group will analyze through its agenda of artists and labels to admire Billboard blueprint achievements for songs that debuted on the Top 25 as able-bodied as added affecting chart-related successes, such as breadth of time on the chart, accompanying cardinal of songs on the chart, and celebrated blueprint records.

According to the statement, Billboard is partnering with the NFT belvedere Unblocked, which will acquiesce ChartStars to acquire acclaim agenda payments for agenda collectibles while additionally active on the environmentally affable Flow blockchain. Jay-Z, Tiger Global, and Dapper Labs all contributed to the startup’s $90 actor fundraising annular beforehand this year.

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Music Likes NFTs

The development comes amidst a deepening affiliation point amid the boilerplate music ball industry and the use of NFTs for customer branding and promotion. In January, artisan Nas awash ability rights to two of his songs as NFTS. Coachella partnered with FTX US to barrage NFTs angry to anniversary passes and added perks.

In mid-February, Universal Music Group (UMG) appear a affiliation with the NFT exchange Curio. In mid-November of aftermost year, UMG also launched a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ball endeavor. Billboard is beat new means for music admirers to affix with artists.

Michael Nash, UMG’s Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy, said:

The aboriginal ChartStars articles are accepted to access in May.

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