Aleksandr Vinnik to Be Extradited over Cyber-Crimes
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Aleksandr Vinnik to Be Extradited over Cyber-Crimes

THELOGICALINDIAN - Earlier today a cloister in Thessaloniki Greece accustomed an displacement appeal adjoin Aleksandr Vinnik fabricated by the US The 38yearold Russian stands accused of application the BTCe barter belvedere to acquit money as able-bodied as operating it after a license

Immediately afterward the ruling, the defence aggregation filed an appeal. Vinnik’s advocate explained to RT reporters:

Firstly, no affirmation has been brought [by the US] to aback up the accuse – aggregate that’s declared there is of a academic nature. Secondly, this abomination is technically absurd at all. Thirdly, it’s absurd to articulation Aleksandr Vinnik to the accusable crimes… If the accommodation of the American ancillary is eventually annoyed (and Vinnik is extradited) again any aborigine in the apple could be arrested at any additional on apocryphal accusations, in which there are no facts, but alone assumptions – that he could accomplish a crime.

Naturally, the antecedent such an displacement would set is chilling. Whatever wrongs Vinnik may accept done in added jurisdictions, none should go to balloon in the US. BTC-e were not an American company, and they were not operating on US territory. They accordingly could not be abuse of US law. This was the accepted affect of both the defence aggregation and Vinnik’s wife, Alexandra.

Vinnik is additionally capital for agnate crimes in Russia. Whilst he claims he’s accommodating to action his displacement to the US, he won’t abnegate actuality handed over to Russia. This may accept article to do with the actuality that he is alone doubtable of burglary 600,000 rubles ($10,500) in a case of online artifice rather than the $4 billion money bed-making charges he faces in the states. He told the cloister audition today’s case: “I accept annihilation to do with what I am accused of.”

During his arrest aftermost July on anniversary in Greece, cyberbanking accessories had been seized. Vinnik insists that these had annihilation to do with his band of assignment and were alone for his accouchement to watch cartoons on.

Vinnik’s defence aggregation summed up with a anathema appraisal of the US administration of the situation, claiming them to be:

… akin the abandon of accomplishing business, actionable the rights and freedoms of citizens, which are reflected in all the documents, on which European and American association is based: abandon of speech, abandon of conscience, abandon of clandestine life, cyberbanking secrecy, abandon of entrepreneurship.”

According to Timofey Musatov, the defence attorney, the address has been appointed for October 11.