Using the Distributed Ledger Technology for Metadata
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Using the Distributed Ledger Technology for Metadata

THELOGICALINDIAN - Billion dollar banking software abstracts and media aggregation Bloomberg has afresh appear a white cardboard about a new monetization technology alleged Metadata

The capital abstraction of metadata is a unified agreeable and advice belvedere for assorted groups and teams in a distinct alignment acclimated to monetize anniversary workflow, application, assembly and accomplishment stages of media companies through

“Ultimately, for any media aggregation that’s producing, curating and distributing ample volumes of content, metadata is the foundation that they’re putting in place. Nearly every allotment of any workflow relies on some basic of metadata, so it’s acute to authorize consistent, absolute systems of organization. Today, metadata drives agreeable organization, workflow access and automation—all of which are all-important for today’s agreeable producers and distributors to compete,” explains Bloomberg.

There are 5 capital types of metadata:

The capital cold of metadata-based platforms and applications is to admission a media aggregation and all of its stakeholders a greater akin of accuracy for all accessible advice accompanying its agenda content.

However, centralized bounded applications and servers can be manipulated and could calmly become accessible to abstracts breaches and hacking attacks if affiliated to the internet. Instead, media companies could use the basal technology of the Bitcoin arrangement accepted as the broadcast balance technology to actualize bounden and accurate descriptions and rights to agenda content.

Since the alpha of the year, the bitcoin industry has apparent an accretion cardinal of blockchain-based companies and the development of decentralized acute assets / abstracts belvedere for agenda agreeable providers. One archetype is Ascribe, a Berlin-based blockchain startup which allows artists to annals a absorb for allotment and verification.

Media companies could apparatus the blockchain technology to body an able metadata-based belvedere that allows anyone in the alignment to authorization agenda creations and add all-important advice about the content, as done by Ascribe.

Below is a sample blockchain-based encrypted absorb of an artwork:


“The media ecosystem 10 years ago wasn’t accessible for a adult metadata arrangement that could abide beyond the accumulation chain,” empiric Mark Lemmons, arch technology administrator of T3Media, an industry baton in agreeable management, commitment and monetization solutions for the world’s ball and sports catalogs.

“But now companies are acumen that it’s both applied and economically acute to tie assets calm throughout the accumulation alternation with metadata.”

Image taken from Ascribe