First Kosher (Jewish) Crypto-Token and Blockchain Ecosystem
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First Kosher (Jewish) Crypto-Token and Blockchain Ecosystem

THELOGICALINDIAN - British aggregation BitCoen is aperture up an all-embracing blockchain bazaar The aggregation declared about its cardinal ambition to advice alternation amid assembly of the Jewish communities about the apple The BitCoen ecosystem is a arrangement of casework qualitatively convalescent the activity of the Jewish community

Jewish communities from altered counties approved their absorption to the activity at the pre-sale period. Yet afore the alpha of Token auction the admirers of the activity was added than 25,000 bodies from 124 countries. Project’s cartography covers the accomplished world: states of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. According to the company’s representatives, best requests for the acquirement of BitCoen tokens came from Germany, England, Spain, France, Italy and, of course, Israel. As ahead reported, Vyacheslav Semenchuk, architect and CEO of BitCoen, invested $ 500,000 of his claimed funds in the development of the project. Project’s pre-sale was captivated to strengthen on the bazaar and to affirm the absorption of the audience. Added than $150 000 were aloft during the pre-sale after a distinct shekel spent on marketing.

The blockchain activity BitCoen was created by a adolescent and aggressive agent – Vyacheslav Semenchuk. Under the age of 30 he has already created and awash added than 10 start-ups, including in the fintech industry. Lifepay, with about-face amounted to 2,5 billions, was the better activity created by the entrepreneur, it was awash to a coffer subsequently. For this project’s conception Vyacheslav Semenchuk managed to get the appellation of “Entrepreneur of the Year” according to YE. Yet afore the actualization of a accumulation absorption in the technology of blockchain Vyacheslav Semenchuk was affianced in its accomplishing in coffer sphere.

“The blockchain activity BitCoen was originally conceived as a arrangement of services, qualitatively convalescent the activity of the Jewish community,” explains Vyacheslav Semenchuk.” This is a adequately bankrupt community, absolute Worldwide. This association has needs in centralized alternate settlements, to advice their own businesses, aggressive alone for Jews; and has a big ability of charity. And all theese needs charge be able in the best cellophane and assisting way. The ideal ambition admirers for a blockchain project! So we came up with the BitCoen ecosystem idea, which chip the advantageous mechanics from the apple of the blockchain.

The aggregation associates assignment all over the world. “The development of Internet technologies accustomed us to actualize an all-embracing team,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “The BitCoen aggregation includes the best accomplished blockchain programmers, crypto marketers and added experts in crypto-economics, who got absorbed in creating an ambitious, high-quality and absorbing project.”

The blockchain activity consists of several parts, anniversary of these genitalia logically complements the ecosystem.

BitCoen Token (BEN), which can act as a acquittal adjustment amid association representatives.

BitCoen adherence program. Affairs users get BEN’s afterwards purchases/services from the affairs ally and accumulate BEN’s instead of abstruse adherence affairs points. BEN’s are accumulated and their continuance isn’t limited. Unlike absolute adherence programs, that can accept assorted restrictions for users, and generally accept absolute opportunities for scammers, BitCoen Adherence is absolutely transparent. No baby fonts and asterisks in the affairs description. BEN’s do not bake afterwards time, and can’t be canceled by anyone.

BitCoen Pay – acquittal arrangement for online and offline purchases for clandestine bodies and businesses in credibility that acquire acquittal by BENs. We accept acquaintance in creating acquittal systems (Life.Pay, PayQR) and we apperceive how to accomplish them alike bigger so that the BitCoen activity participants can use the best acceptable acquittal services.

BitCoen Platform is a exchange for Jewish businesses. A agent can aggrandize the cardinal of customers, including at the amount of consumers from added countries.

BitCoen ADV – an announcement belvedere for the popularization of Jewish businesses, we already calm a huge ambition admirers and we can do about any targeting.

BitCoen is based on the antecedent cipher of the belvedere and uses a accord that is based on Limited Confidence Confirmation Proof-of-Activity (LCPoA) and a trusted bulge arrangement (Thrusted Nodes) to acceleration up the network. It is additionally planned to actualize a BitCoen affinity band with the ERC20 standard, for accessible affiliation with exchanges. The best of the blockchain-platform is justified by the characteristics of this system, which exceeds the analogs for a cardinal of parameters.

LCPoA blockchain algorithm is one of the best important appearance of Bitcoen blockchain. This algorithm anxiously protects the arrangement from spam and apocryphal transactions, while it does not crave ample expenditures of accretion resources. There is a abridgement of mining in the system, all affairs aural the belvedere arrangement – are free. The technology provides a aerial arrangement acceleration (up to 25,000 affairs per second). “BitCoen Blockchain is a new bearing blockchain, which does not crave accord in the “arms race” for the ability of computers that absorb an astronomic bulk of electricity. It is reliable, fast and chargeless in agreement of blockchain transactions. We can say that Bitcoin is a aboriginal bearing blockchain (Blockchain 1.0), Etherium is Blockchain 2.0 and BitCoen – Blockchain 3.0,” explains Vyacheslav.

Since the BitCoen blockchain activity is advised for a accumulation audience, it is actual important to prove it with best accuracy and legality. BitCoen acknowledged aggregation provided altered options for the development of contest and could actualize the best abiding and defended system. BitCoen is a token, not an advance tool, it does not betoken cancellation of acquiescent accumulation and does not accept any signs of a stock. BitCoen doesn’t authority ICO but Badge Sale only, which basically is a badge pre-sale.

November 28, 2017 is the official alpha of the Token auction of the BitCoen blockchain activity at, which will aftermost until December 26, 2017. Up to 20 actor BENs at the amount of $1 per one BEN are accessible on the Token sale. The discharge of BitCoen is 100.000.000 BENs.

After the achievement of Token sale, the belvedere makes a advertisement on the all-around crypto-exchange. According to Vyacheslav Semenchuk, adjustment on the barter is one of the business accoutrement that acquiesce us to aggrandize the admirers of the project.

As is known, the amount of any cryptocurrency is bent by the audience’s absorption in it and the absolute anatomic abaft the token. The functionality of the BitCoen activity allows Jews about the apple to advance their business, blockage aural the framework of cultural traditions.

It should be acclaimed that the creators of the activity managed to allure not alone accomplished cryptocurrency users, but additionally an actually offline audience. “We accept that nowadays alone a baby allotment of the world’s Jewish communities use cryptocurrencies, the abeyant of blocking technologies is not yet appreciated,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “That’s why we acclimated al of the announcement channels and tried, aboriginal of all, to alternation a new admirers and acquaint about the advantages and accessible means of admission to technology.”

According to the auditors’ estimates, the assets of the BitCoen will be about 1,5 billion dollars afterwards the ability of all components. According to absolute experts, in the future, the assets of BitCoen can abound 10 times. “We are the better jewish blockchain project for now, aggressive to b2b and b2c audience. Even afore the alpha of Token sale, we fabricated ally with added than 700 ample food (among them, Aliexpress and others), which will add credibility in BEN’s back affairs from them,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk.

Moty Cristal, an all-embracing adjudicator and an alive affiliate in all-around Jewish affairs, stresses that: “BitCoen activity is a animation of beginning air which can added abutment the abutting relationships between  Jewish communities worldwide, in this time of activating banking challenges and avant-garde opportunities”.