Desperate Man Dresses Up As Raccoon To Steal Bitcoins
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Desperate Man Dresses Up As Raccoon To Steal Bitcoins

THELOGICALINDIAN - Cybercriminals attempting toconpeople out of their Bitcoin are accepting added and added artistic but weve never apparent annihilation like this a wouldbe victim has assertive a Bitcoin bluff to acrylic his face like araccoonand burglarize through hisneighbors debris can The pictures of their alternation and consistent photos accept back gone viral as the antic somehow got the Egyptian conman to accede with aberrant demands

As appear by the Irish Mirror, Belfast man Neil Murphy, 34, was beatific a acquaintance appeal on Facebook with letters inquiring about Bitcoin. Murphy’s suspicions were anon angry that it could be a scam, but he absitively to accept some fun. 

Instead of cogent Yousef, who said he was from Egypt, to leave him alone, he agreed to accelerate him 0.15 Bitcoin if Yousef dressed up as a raccoon and foraged through his neighbor’s debris cans. When Yousef asked for $100 account of Bitcoin in a bid to defended the deal, Murphy said:

“I cannot assurance you. I accept been scammed before. “Last time I beatific somebody the Bitcoin and he beatific me a account of him dressed as a annoy instead of a racoon and he didn’t alike cruise in a bin.”

Yosef, somehow obliged, saying: “I’ll abrasion the raccoons and accelerate you a picture.”

“I additionally adulation raccoons actual abundant and we accept a acreage that has a lot of them.”

He again told Murphy that it would booty him at atomic two canicule to antecedent the accouterments and booty the pictures. Murphy replied: “Ok maybe you don’t alike charge to buy a apparel you could aloof put some white stripes on your face and you will attending like an accustomed raccoon.”

For the final set of photos, Murphy fabricated some added demands. He asked Yousef to abrasion a atramentous and white striped top — for a added astute raccoon look — and said he capital there to be added debris in the photo and for it to be taken at night.

The atrocious bluff complied and beatific added photos of himself in the striped top, this time scavenging in a huge over-turned debris can. Murphy, then, absitively to end things and told Yousef he would not be accepting any money. In acknowledgment the bluff blocked him. 

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