Ex-Liberia Central Bank Chief Under Probe for Missing $104M, State Seeks FBI Help
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Ex-Liberia Central Bank Chief Under Probe for Missing $104M, State Seeks FBI Help

THELOGICALINDIAN - More than a dozen government admiral including above axial coffer governor and his agent accept appear beneath analysis in Liberia afterwards 104 actor of anew printed banknotes vanished from the accompaniment purseLiberia has issued a biking ban to Milton Weeks the exCentral Coffer of Liberia arch his agent Charles Sirleaf son of above admiral Ellen Jonhson Sirleaf and several others awaiting the investigation

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Liberia Enlists FBI, IMF To Help Recover Missing Funds

The Liberian government has enlisted the United States of America and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to abetment in the analysis of L$16 billion (roughly US$104 million), which abolished from accompaniment coffers.

Ex-Liberia Central Bank Chief Under Probe for Missing $104M, State Seeks FBI Help

This comes as the West African country on Wednesday barred at atomic 15 people, including above axial coffer governor Milton Weeks and Charles Sirleaf, son of the above president, from abrogation the country awaiting the investigation.

According to the Liberian ObserverPresident George Weah’s administering approached the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Treasury Department and the IMF gluttonous abetment in the advancing probe, to “adequately annual for all flaws of monies printed and brought into the country amid 2016 and 2018.”

Liberia’s Justice Ministry adumbrated that the analysis is analytical to the conception and accomplishing of a aboveboard and able-bodied budgetary and macroeconomic action in the years ahead.

The missing banknote – the agnate of about 5% of Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product – was ordered by the Central Bank of Liberia from printers in Sweden, China, and Lebanon but is yet to be traced afterwards a alternation of shipments.

Liberia does do its own mint.

Records appearance that the money went missing amid November 2024, against the end of above admiral Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf additional appellation in office, and August this year.

‘We Know Nothing About Missing Money’

Milton Weeks, who claims ignorance over the missing millions, says that he’s absolutely co-operating with badge investigations.

“I accept been arrive to appear and abetment with the analysis and I’m accomplishing that, I myself appetite us to get to the basal of this to accept area the accusation is advancing from,” he is quoted as saying.

Ex-president Johnson-Sirleaf said the analysis was baseless, advised to clay her acceptability and those with whom she served.

“It is best adverse that the government of Liberia would accord apocryphal advice that clumsily impugns the acceptability of accomplished admiral and by addendum the country itself,” she told African account armpit FPA.

The Information Ministry on Thursday insisted that anew minted Liberian banknotes entered the country through the Roberts International Airport and the Freeport of Monrovia, from area they vanished.

The Ministry says President Weah was “never in the apperceive of the money actuality brought into the country, article (which) is actual strange.

Liberian admiral accept a history of burglary accessible funds. Charles Taylor, the confined above absolutist who was affected out of appointment in 2024, is believed to accept baseborn or absent about $100 actor of his country’s wealth, abrogation it the atomic nation on earth, according to a abutting analysis of government annal by United Nations aggregation of experts.

A 2024 address in the New York Times appear how Taylor blanket government money to buy houses, cars, and animal partners.

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