Coinbase Reviewing 19 Crypto Assets for Listing, Including Wrapped Bitcoin and Paxos Gold

Coinbase Reviewing 19 Crypto Assets for Listing, Including Wrapped Bitcoin and Paxos Gold

THELOGICALINDIAN - Crypto barter Coinbase said Friday that it is reviewing 19 cryptocurrencies for accessible listing

These new assets are: Ampleforth, Band Protocol, Balancer, Blockstack, Curve,, Flexacoin, Helium, Hedera Hashgraph, Kava, Melon, Ocean Protocol, Paxos Gold, Reserve Rights, tBTC, The Graph, Theta, Uma, and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Coinbase said the analysis action includes “significant abstruse and acquiescence analysis and may be accountable to authoritative approval in some jurisdictions.” There’s no agreement that crypto assets beneath analysis will accretion automated listing.

“[Our] ambition is to action abutment for all assets that accommodated our abstruse standards and which accede with applicative laws,” said the U.S. exchange, in a blog post.

“As per our advertisement process, we will add new assets on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, accountable to applicative analysis and authorizations. The blank of assets from this advertisement does not disqualify any such asset from alive analysis and abeyant listing,” it added.

Coinbase, which boasts over 35 actor users worldwide, adumbrated that it would abide to appraise added agenda assets, and with time it expects to abutment “at atomic 90% of the accumulated bazaar cap of all agenda assets in circulation.”

In June, the barter appear that it was exploring the accession of 18 crypto assets, including Comp, Aave, Aragon, and Bancor.

Assets that eventually get listed on Coinbase accept tended to see aciculate increases in their prices – as happened with Makerdao’s MKR in May or Compound’s Comp in June – but the relationship, accepted as the “Coinbase Effect”, isn’t consistently linear. Comp surged by as abundant as 300% in the countdown to and afterwards the Coinbase listing.

At the time of writing, best of the assets that Coinbase has appear for analysis are activity up. For example, Melon is up added than 26%, Flexacoin 4.5%, and Reserve rights 2.4%, according to abstracts from

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons