21 Inc Launches Lists Allowing Anyone to Earn Bitcoin for ‘Microconsulting’

21 Inc Launches Lists Allowing Anyone to Earn Bitcoin for ‘Microconsulting’

THELOGICALINDIAN - 21 Incannouncedon Sunday night the barrage of 21 Lists for both individuals and businesses Anyone can now acquire bitcoin aloof by accomplishing targeted paid microtasks the aggregation wrote

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Launching ’21 Lists’

“Today we’ve put out a above new absolution alleged 21 Lists with appearance for both individuals and businesses,” wrote CEO Balaji S. Srinivasan, abacus that:

21 Inc Launches Lists, Allowing Anyone to Earn Bitcoin for ‘Microconsulting’This is the additional artefact of this blazon by the company. Launched in February, “the aboriginal adaptation of 21.co accustomed individuals to alter their accessible emails with an inbox area bodies could pay to ability them,” the CEO recalls.

The previous offering was tailored for acclaimed groups with the adeptness to drive cartage to their contour pages such as CEOs, adventure capitalists, and angel investors. The new lists, on the added hand, acquiesce anyone with the appropriate accomplishment sets to accomplish money with 21 Inc after accepting to bear any traffic. “Our ideal is that every absolute 21 user should authorize for one or added lists, and thereby be able to allure paid letters and tasks alike if they aren’t famous,” the aggregation said.

Microtasks for Individuals

According to 21 Inc:

Anyone can “apply to 21 lists to accept a beck of targeted, paid microtasks,” Srinivasan explains. Currently, there are over 50 lists on the 21.co website and anniversary has its own accepting criteria. “We’ll be abacus abounding more,” the CEO notes. Accepted applicants will accretion admission to a “newsfeed” which is a beck of list-specific tasks beatific by businesses. “Every account in the augment compensates you for your time,” he clarifies.21 Inc Launches Lists, Allowing Anyone to Earn Bitcoin for ‘Microconsulting’

Some lists are easier to authorize for than others. For example, a bitcoin holder can administer to be on Bitcoin-related lists “to acquiesce the founders of new ICOs and broadcast balance articles to pay to ability you above-mentioned to their launch,” 21 explains. Meanwhile, abstruse lists such as the Javascript programmers list states that applicants “must be a software architect with able ability of Javascript.”

In addition, “all applications are accountable to review,” the aggregation notes, abacus that “validation of associates may be based on associate review, abstruse examination, or cryptographic test.” Furthermore, account associates is additionally accountable to advancing review. “Periodically, validation tasks may be beatific out to affirm that associates are in acceptable standing,” 21 Inc details.

Businesses Can Access Workers En Masse

Businesses can accelerate out accumulation letters to anniversary account with one click, advantageous alone those who reply. Srinivasan reveals that Hellooffice and SSI accept already been application 21 Lists to accelerate out paid accumulation emails and surveys.

“These antecedent senders accept apparent 40-60% acknowledgment ante at the calibration of 100-1000 users, with 90% of those respondents about acknowledging aural 24 hours,” he claims, abacus that “these numbers are actual aerial about to archetypal algid email or analysis acknowledgment rates, which hover at 1-2% acknowledgment rates.”

How Much Can Individuals Make?

21 Inc explains that these microtasks, which they alarm “microconsulting”, could be beheld as “something in amid an Amazon Mechanical Turk-style microtask and a accepted job.” The aggregation estimates that:

Each account pays a altered bulk of money, but lists that pay added tend to be added selective, the aggregation notes.

Would you assurance up for 21 Lists to do some “microconsulting“? Let us apperceive in the comments area below.

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