UK Banks Freeze Company's Accounts After Owner Traded on Localbitcoins

UK Banks Freeze Company's Accounts After Owner Traded on Localbitcoins

THELOGICALINDIAN - The buyer of cryptocurrency mining electric bike banker 50cycles afresh had his companys accounts with HSBC and Barclays arctic aural hours of transacting on peertopeer cryptocurrency trading belvedere Locabitcoins

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HSBC and Barclays Freeze Accounts of 50cycles

Scott Snaith, the buyer of cryptocurrency mining electric bike retailer, 50cycles, has approved to avert businesses from partnering with U.K. aerial artery banks afterwards his aggregation was befuddled into “chaos” afterward the freezing of his business’s accounts.

Mr. Snaith’s accounts were arctic by HSBC and Barclays aloof hours afterwards he conducted five-figure BTC affairs via peer-to-peer trading belvedere Localbitcoins, in which he awash BTC for authorization bill that was deposited into his claimed coffer accounts, and not his company’s accounts. Mr. Snaith asserts that the affairs were “entirely cellophane and aloft board,” abacus that his trading ally were U.K. annual holders with absolute identification. Mr. Snaith declared that no annual was offered for the annual closures, anecdotic himself as actuality the victim of “financial discrimination.”

“My two claimed coffer accounts and business annual were arctic for application a acclaimed bitcoin trading site. No actionable action has taken abode but aloof because the chat ‘Bitcoin’ was mentioned my accounts were bound instantly. A ‘senior artifice advisor’ again bankrupt my complaint off – abrogation me with no best but to booty the affair to the Financial Ombudsman for appeal. This bearings is a complete daydream and the knock-on furnishings accept been unbelievable. One of my agents larboard as they had aloof had a babyish and couldn’t allow to be in a job that was clumsy to pay them, which isn’t surprising,” Mr. Snaith said.

HSBC Reinstates Account, Barclays Refuses

Banks Benumb Business' Accounts After Buyer Traded on LocalbitcoinsWhilst HSBC accept reinstated Mr. Snaith’s account, Barclays maintained the freeze. Mr. Snaith stated: “I’ll never be able to coffer with Barclays again. I’m a able business buyer demography advantage of new banking technologies and it looks like the banks are declining to accumulate up with their customers’ habits. We are the ones actuality punished. The banks are advisedly creating obstacles. They are anti-digital bill and announcement a new anatomy of banking discrimination.”

“To me, this is a bright case of the aerial artery banks abusing their power. It is not a bent amount but a personal, accumulated accommodation that addition has made. In my mind, that’s wholly wrong, and I am abiding there are abounding added victims that are alike beneath advantageous than myself,” he added.

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