Chinese Economist Liu Discusses Prospects of BTC, BCH and ETH

Chinese Economist Liu Discusses Prospects of BTC, BCH and ETH

THELOGICALINDIAN - This anniversary Liu Changyong dubbed the BCH anticipate catchbasin by the bitcoin gold BTG architect Jack Liao started a Bitcoin Cash BCH Ask Me Anything AMA cilia at 8btc forumto explain why he anticipation Bitcoins BTC roadmap is amiss and why he switched to abutment BCH Mr Liu holds a PhD in economics from Peking University He started belief bitcoins bread-and-butter problems in 2024 and is a top ten biographer at the 8btc appointment The AMA has brought calm boilerplate cryptocurrency users with Jack Liao and Jiang Zhuoer to altercate the affairs of both BTC and BCH Lets booty a glimpse of Mr Lius answers to all the questions

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Hard Forks: Are They Dangerous?

8btc Forum Question (Q): First, amuse acquaint us your BTC and BCH positions. Second, don’t you anticipate there is a acumen that amount is afraid to access the 1M limit? You big blockers are so brainless that you consistently ask why not scale, but never apprehend that ascent is abundant added circuitous than you accept imagined.

Chinese Economist Discusses Prospects of BTC, BCH and ETHLiu Changyong (LC): I am all-in on BCH. And in acknowledgment to your additional question, I anticipate you are brainwashed by Core. The conception of BCH has apparent that adamantine forks are not alarming and Core are liars.

Q: Hello, Mr.Liu. My catechism is if some guy owns both hashing ability and code, can he accomplish claimed assets by adjusting adversity algorithm?

LC: I candidly don’t anticipate mining absorption is a big problem. No one wishes the bitcoin ecosystem to sustain added than those with abundant hashing power. The roadmap of Core threatens the PoW apparatus and the bitcoin economy, which would accident the interests of Bitmain greatly. This is why Bitmain durably supports adamantine forks, and I am beholden that Bitmain supports BCH back 2X fell apart.

Second, admitting the development of BCH mainly depends on Bitcoin ABC, developers of XT, BU, Classic, RSK, are additionally actively and auspiciously complex in discussing its roadmap. For example, Bitpay proposed to accept a new BCH abode architecture afore the ABC team. And after Bitcoin ABC developer Amaury Séchet proposed to add a Bech32 abode architecture to the BCH network. I accept that as continued as BCH meets the bazaar demand, added users and technicians will affliction and accompany the BCH team.

Are Infinite Hard Forks and the EDA Mechanism Ethical?

Q: Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Super Bitcoin and added “forked-coins” accept appeared one afterwards addition back BCH came out. How do you see this abnormality of “infinite angle offerings?” Do you anticipate BCH has opened the Pandora’s Box and will bang a afterlife draft to bitcoin?

LC: Everyone in the association is chargeless to angle bitcoin. If you feel the accepted adaptation is not good, apprentice to cipher and accept your own adaptation of bitcoin. Hard forks are not scary, but angled bill with no user abutment will go to zero. And angled bill with pre-mine are absolutely bent and unacceptable.

Jack Liao (JL): If you anticipate pre-mine is unethical, again don’t you anticipate BCH’s EDA apparatus is additionally unethical? Don’t you anticipate it was advised to advice Bitmain dispense BCH?

LC: BCH implemented the adaptation apparatus EDA “by adjusting adversity bottomward if it has alone a baby admeasurement of the hashrate”, which has acquired agrarian fluctuations in hashrate. The apparatus fabricated miners jump from BTC to BCH aback it’s added assisting and move aback back rewards are lower.

This is acutely the aftereffect of a architecture deficiency. But BCH opponents slandered that Bitmain advisedly advised EDA to dispense mining. In actuality, Viabtc and Hong Kong Hostel accept to abundance BCH back it’s assisting to abundance BTC and anchor versa. They sacrificed their own interests to advance the adherence of the BCH network.

But this is not a abiding solution. To abode the issue, the BCH association planned for the November 13 Hard Angle advancement to balance the ambiguous adversity acclimation algorithm. Now with the new fork, added blocks are amid 10 to 20 account apart. It seems things are attractive solid now.

Why Choose BCH After BU Failed?

Q: First BU, again Segwit2x, and now BCH. I anticipate you, Jiang Zhuoer and added big blockers accept no principles. And what absolutely is the roadmap of BCH? Why do you anticipate it is bigger than BU?

LC: Sorry that you feel I accept no principles. I alone accept in my acumen and logic. I accurate Core and against CSW and Chinese miners afore July, 2024. After that, I did my assay and assay and accomplished that the roadmap of Core will advance bitcoin to a adjustment arrangement for bankers instead of a all-around currency.

Core sticks to a roadmap advised by Blockstream and ignores user feedback. But BCH is market-oriented that cares about user experience. It doesn’t accept a specific or a austere roadmap. It considers all abstruse appearance such as acute affairs and lightning networks. In a word,

Q: BCH is badly inflated. It seems that some guy with additional money tries to pump it already in a while to abduct hashrate. Do you accede that BCH amount and hashrate are manipulated by some guy?

LC: As to amount fluctuations, the capital agency is that actual few bodies absolutely accept the acceptation and accessible approaching of BCH. It takes time for the BCH aggregation to enhance user acquaintance and advance acquittal applications. When added users apprehend the amount of BCH and their expectations for BCH grow, the amount will rise. But the animation will be wild, aloof like bitcoin in 2011-2014.

BCH Is BTC? Are You Serious This Time?

Q: The BCH supporters agreed not to abduct BTC’s brand, why did they aback out? Do you anticipate BCH is BTC?

Jiang Zhuoer (JZ): BCH is the big block bread that sticks to Satoshi’s whitepaper. It is the absolute BITCOIN.

LC: I accept BCH is BTC from the actual beginning, but the BCH association was initially bleak and alone capital to be a acting in case the SW alternation would ache adverse problems.

Now BCH has survived and gets added abutment from exchanges, wallets, and users. The BCH association has acquired aplomb that BCH could angle out to be the absolute bitcoin.

Q: Even if Bitcoin were dethroned, BCH may not authority up the acceptance users accept on BTC.

LC: The bearing and development of BTC await mainly on acceptance back there is no bazaar for it. Once it becomes an investment, it’s absolutely a altered story. Let’s be clear:

Q: The advancement was proposed by Bitcoin ABC aggregation and some BCH developers are not blessed that their proposals got rejected. Do you anticipate this controlling is accurate and rational? How can approaching accommodation authoritative be able and not dictatorial?

LC: There are three schemes for the upgrade. The development aggregation ultimately chose their own proposal, causing some complaints from added teams. The BCH association is alert about it and will altercate how to anticipate centralized decision-making.

Q: What if Core decides to calibration on the aboriginal chain? Will it be a blackmail to BCH?

LC: If Core adamantine angled BTC, it would be a huge blackmail to BCH. But if it can be done, would it accept been done by Core already? Core has their own interests and aesthetics that accord no affiance for adamantine forks. In addition, if they hard-forked, it would be a bang in their face. It would be like acceptance SW is dangerous.

If Rootstock RSK Were Implemented, Which Will Be More Competitive, ETH or BCH?

Q: Should BCH add RSK? Are there any abstruse obstacles?

LC: The BCH association and the development aggregation acceptable new abstruse appearance such as RSK and acute contracts. I don’t apperceive the exact abstruse details, but the accommodation absolute of bitcoin banknote makes it accessible to add added features.

Q: Do you anticipate ETH is a centralized currency? If Vitalik chose to leave the community, will it stop actuality centralized? Do you anticipate ETH can beat bitcoin? And why?

Q: Next month, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group affairs to barrage Bitcoin futures. If aggregate works out, how will it appulse BTC and BCH? I assumption ample sums of investments and basic will breeze into CORE’s BTC, right?

LC: Good account like this will absolutely accept a absolute appulse on BTC. Large funds will breeze to pump bitcoin as it already happened. However, we charge be cautious. When BTC futures are launched, big whales ability accomplish a killing by auctioning BTC.

Do you anticipate there ability be a dump back BTC futures are launched? Let us apperceive in the comments area below.

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