2 Cents per Kilowatt Hour: Bitfarms to Launch a 210 MW Bitcoin Mining Operation in Argentina

2 Cents per Kilowatt Hour: Bitfarms to Launch a 210 MW Bitcoin Mining Operation in Argentina

THELOGICALINDIAN - The Canadian about traded bitcoin mining aggregation Bitfarms has appear a accord that will see the aggregation developing a 210 megawatt MW mining acreage in Argentina Bitfarms says that the aggregation was able to defended a low electricity amount at 002 per kWh during the acknowledged period

Argentine-Based Bitcoin Mining Facility Aims to Acquire 210 MW of Power

The aggregation Bitfarms (TSXV:BITF, OTC:BFARF) has announced the close is accretion to South America, as it has active a non-binding announcement of compassionate in adjustment to body a 210 MW bitcoin mining facility.

Bitfarms says the acquirement acceding started aback in October 2024 and initially the acreage would be about 60 MW. However, back again the acceding has been “significantly enhanced,” as the ability acquirement acceding with a utility-grade clandestine ability ambassador in Argentina will acquiesce the close to “draw up to 210 MW of electricity at its discretion.”

Bitfarms additionally capacity that the warmer altitude in Argentina helps the aggregation abundance bitcoin after depending on cher aqueous captivation cooling techniques. The aggregation additionally says that the close will backpack a cardinal of bitcoin miners to the Argentinean facility. During the aboriginal anniversary of March, Bitfarms announced the accretion of 48,000 next-generation bitcoin miners.

“Bitfarms affairs to backpack a abundant cardinal of its earlier miners to the new abstracts centre. While the earlier miners are beneath able than the new miners, the low amount of electrical ability and the accurate believability of these miners will extend their bread-and-butter life,” the company’s advertisement details. “This action will acquiesce our earlier miners to abide to be accretive to banknote breeze from operations and to accord to Bitfarms’ all-embracing accumulated hashrate.”

Bitfarms Finds Break-Even Costs in Argentina Is 45% Cheaper Than Québec

Further, the aggregation did a allegory to acquisition out the break-even amount to abundance BTC in Québec in adverse to mining in Argentina. The aggregation estimates that the Argentinean ability would accord the close a “45% savings.”

Mining bitcoin in South America with 210 MW of bargain ability will advice the aggregation accomplish an 8 exahash per additional (EH/s) ambition for Q4 2022. “It is additionally advised to accommodate geographic assembly about-face to abate accident and serve as an able barrier for Bitfarms adjoin the abutting halving accident in 2024,” Bitfarms’ advertisement emphasized.

The aggregation already has operations in Cowansville, Farnham, Magog, Saint-Hyacinthe, and Sherbrooke, Québec. Bitfarms affairs to aggrandize Sherbrooke operations 1&2 to an added four expansions, Cowansville will see a second, Saint-Hyacinthe will see another, and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a burghal in eastern Montérégie will see a 5 MW facility.

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