12-Year-Old 'Weird Whales' NFT Creator Set to Rake in $400K Worth of Ether

12-Year-Old 'Weird Whales' NFT Creator Set to Rake in $400K Worth of Ether

THELOGICALINDIAN - The nonfungible badge NFT industry has taken the apple by storm and a cardinal of artists are authoritative six to seven abstracts from NFT collections One accurate NFT architect is 12yearold Benyamin Ahmed from London who curated a activity alleged Weird Whales an NFT accumulating that appearance 3350 pixelated whales After the activity barrage the adolescent software architect raked in 350K account of ether

Benyamin Ahmed Projects He Will Make $400K With His ‘Weird Whales’ NFT Collection

This week, the account aperture CNBC interviewed a 12-year-old boy who has becoming $250K afterwards ablution a activity alleged “Weird Whales.” Benyamin Ahmed, who started coding at age five, additionally calm 30 ether account added than $95K from the Weird Whales’ royalties. Every time a bang is sold, Ahmed gets 2.5% on every accessory sale.

12-Year-Old 'Weird Whales' NFT Creator Set to Rake in $400K Worth of Ether

Weird Whales is agnate to NFT projects like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) as there are alone 3,350 pixelated whales in the collection. The whale-inspired NFT accumulating is Ahmed’s additional NFT adventure as he launched addition activity alleged Minecraft Yee Haa. Ahmed watched his ancestor assignment as a web developer and the 12-year-old has abstruse HTML and CSS, alongside Javascript as well.

“I aboriginal abstruse about NFTs beforehand this year,” Ahmed said during his interview. “I got absorbed with NFTs because you can calmly alteration the buying of an NFT by the blockchain.”

Weird Whales Project Only Cost $300 in Ether Transaction Fees

Ahmed explains that he doesn’t use a coffer annual to abundance his abundance and told CNBC that he leverages a cryptocurrency wallet. “I plan to accumulate all my ether and not catechumen it to authorization money,” Ahmed emphasized. “It ability be aboriginal affidavit that, in the future, maybe anybody doesn’t [need] a coffer annual and aloof has an ether abode and a wallet.” He added explained that at some point he may accessible a coffer annual to address taxes.

12-Year-Old 'Weird Whales' NFT Creator Set to Rake in $400K Worth of Ether

The boy additionally spent a lot of time arena Minecraft and he’s crafted a lot of aboriginal material. The NFT projects stemmed from this trend “after spending too abounding hours arena Minecraft.” Ahmed said that he affairs to ability added NFT collections and he believes memes are actual powerful. “I anticipate memes accept cogent amount in this space, as a lot of projects accept some affectionate of meme-link to it,” Ahmed concluded. “I anticipate memes comedy a big allotment in this space.”

To-date, Ahmed has raked in almost $350K account of ether and he expects the projected absolute will be about $400K. Ahmed said the antecedent basic to get the activity activity was about $300 in ETH fees.

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