1,200 Newsstands in Australia Now Selling Bitcoin and Ethereum

1,200 Newsstands in Australia Now Selling Bitcoin and Ethereum

THELOGICALINDIAN - As of today Australians are now able to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from added than 1200 newsagents about the continent

Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum in Australia is now as accessible as walking to the abutting newsstand.

Cryptocurrency barter bitcoin.com.au has launched the acceptable service, afterwards installing out the basement in assorted locations back 2016.

Though easier than ever, abounding individuals still aren’t acclimatized to the abstraction of affairs a agenda artefact from a concrete vendor. In an account with 9Finance, CEO Rupert Hackett explains:

The accession of Ethereum sales to the Bitcoin-focused exchange’s ability appear as a bit of a surprise, but Hackett claims it was necessary, due to the abrupt amount tag of Bitcoin potentially alarming off new investors:

Assuming users accept appropriately set up their own mobile, desktop or cold-storage wallets, Hackett says buyers will accept their cryptocurrency of best in their agenda wallets in 20 account or less, on average.

Australia for Bitcoin

Purchases from these newsstands aren’t absolutely cheap, however. Purchase fabricated on March 1 are fee-free, but any purchases fabricated afterwards that backpack a rather ample 5 percent fee. Hackett claims the fee is account it, however, for the convenience, explaining:

The added affluence of acquirement for Australians assuredly represents yet addition absolute footfall appear the boilerplate acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum as applicable cryptocurrencies.

Would you buy Bitcoin from a newsstand, or do you adopt exchanges? Do you anticipate a fee of 5 percent is too high? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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