A Character Called Bitpico Thinks He Can Stress-Test the BCH Network

A Character Called Bitpico Thinks He Can Stress-Test the BCH Network

THELOGICALINDIAN - This Sunday newsBitcoincom appear on a communitydriven Bitcoin Cash arrangement accent analysis demography abode this September However allegedly addition accent analysis is in the works with awful absorbed according to a bottom accepted developer called Bitpico The bearding being claims the advance has already started and emphasizes his assault of spam will amplify over time

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An Anonymous Person Claims to Have the Power to Take Down the Bitcoin Cash Network With His Homemade Spamming Payloads

An bearding developer is aggressive to bang the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) arrangement with a alternation of spam attacks that he believes will be able abundant to aching the network. The developer had announced to bodies about his attack not continued ago, but on June 22 Bitpico said the aggression has started and believes it will be far added able in the advancing weeks.   

“The Bcash – BCH advance has been started; it will abide to run as we assignment to amplify it over the advancing months,” explains Bitpico assuming a video of cipher scrolling bottomward a dejected screen.

Since again Bitpico has connected to detail to the accessible that he will assail the BCH arrangement with his mining ability and awful nodes. Of course, the BCH association thinks that Bitpico’s Twitter babble is a accomplished lot of hot air, and there is a acceptable acumen for them not to booty Bitpico seriously, due to his abandoned threats in the past. For instance, the calligraphy scrolling bottomward a dejected awning is ambiguous at best, and abounding accept already absolved him as a ‘script kiddie’ because of the video. On June 24 Bitpico writes, “don’t say we didn’t acquaint you,” and shares a Fork.lol screenshot of the BTC and BCH hashrate. No one on Twitter understands what the account meant back celebratory the comments, and one being asks if they will be able to chase Bitpico’s alleged mined blocks from a block explorer. There is no acknowledgment to this question. 

‘Low to High-Level Attacks’

Following this, according to Bitpico, he was interviewed by the advertisement Coindesk and leaves a Pastebin copy of the interview for anybody to see. We don’t apperceive if Coindesk will be publishing the story, but the developer tells the announcer interviewing him that he is creating all types of attacks from “low-level TCP/IP assemblage attacks to high-level bitcoin banknote agreement attacks.” Bitpico explains that “they” accept advised this advance and states there is abundant absolute affirmation from his analysis that assures him he can auspiciously advance the BCH alternation abundant for it to split. Moreover, Bitpico has created a Github athenaeum for his low and mid-level analysis toolkit that contains a GNU authorization and a readme file. 

 Bitpico’s Hollow Segwit2x Threats

Besides all the words Bitpico has declared abounding bodies cannot acquisition absolute affirmation that Bitpicos words are added than bald statements. The acumen for this is his connection with the Segwit2x (BTC1 repository) fiasco. Bitpico was generally begin discussing abstruse affairs on the BTC1 Slack approach and the developers commitment list. Although back Segwit2x was canceled by Jeff Garzik, the bearding alone was not too pleased. Back on November 9, 2017, Bitpico explained that his aggregation was accustomed out the Segwit2x angle whether bodies admired it or not and claimed to accept 30 percent of the hashrate.

We are accustomed out the angle behindhand as aggregate is set in motion. Backing bottomward the adversity appropriate now is a strategy,” explained Bitpico that day.  

Script-Kiddies and Popcorn

Following Bitpico’s threats this accomplished November, annihilation anytime happened, and his 30 percent of hashrate never came to fruition. Many BCH proponents accept that because of the abandoned Segwit2x threats, and no affirmation of any hashrate Bitpico spamming the BCH arrangement with a bootleg burden doubtful and to some alike downright laughable.

One being explains all of Bitpico’s accepted threats additionally assume appealing hollow, as the Reddit user ‘chernobyl169′ states:  

Allegedly not continued ago, Bitpico performed agnate TCP/IP based DDoS attacks adjoin the Lightning Network with a account of cipher active bottomward his a computer awning as well. Many BCH supporters who are agnostic of Bitpico’s words encouraged him to appealing abundant — “Bring it on.”  

What do you anticipate about Bitpico’s awful threats adjoin the BCH network? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

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