Accused of Spreading FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump Claims

Accused of Spreading FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump Claims

THELOGICALINDIAN - Zeus Capital LLP has appear a new address bombastic its beforehand attitude that Chainlink is a behemothic pump and dump arrangement

This new address comes afterwards the little accepted asset administration and analysis close took abuse for advancing Chainlink’s badge in an earlier report.

In what it now agreement allotment 1 of its exposé, Zeus Capital LLP asserts in the latest address that the over 140 partnerships appear by Chainlink so far are an exaggeration. The asset administration close contends the activity has been created to enrich the founders.

Accused of Spreading a FUD Zeus Capital Doubles Down on Chainlink Pump and Dump Claims

In the report, Zeus Capital LLP questions the appear game-changing partnerships with “technology giants, such as Google, Oracle, and T-Systems.”

Unmasking Chainlink’s declared modus operandi, Zeus Capital LLP claims it starts with “a ample aggregation showcasing some of their articles (usually via a blog post) and accidentally advertence Chainlink as a abstract agent in carrying the artefact to blockchain clients.”

Zeus Capital LLP, which some Twitter users accept linked to Nexo Finance, admits that Chainlink’s amount hypothesis is to affix APIs with blockchains and “so a appealing acceptable cardinal of bequest players can calmly be involved.”

Still, Zeus Capital LLP contends that the basement acknowledging Chainlink is overhyping the activity as able-bodied as overstating the partners’ alacrity to proceed.

“Smartcontract and the bodies abaft Chainlink are demography it from there, audibly announcement how a big tech company’s name is acquisitive to do business with them,” argues Zeus Capital LLP. This is done to bank up the amount of Link.

To abutment this claim, Zeus Capital LLP gives an archetype “when Chainlink appear the ‘integration’ with Google, the amount was USD 1.19 per Link.” However, back Google tweeted about the aforementioned a few hours later, “the amount skyrocketed to USD 1.93, up by a amazing 62% in beneath than 24 hours.”

Zeus Capital LLP added argues that Chainlink’s aggregation has engineered a advanced self-fulfilling scheme. It allows them “to advance abounding ascendancy over the amount and dump as abounding tokens to their accurate believers as they ambition while befitting them happy.”

At the time of writing, Link traded at USD 7.64 – aloof abundant to accomplish it the 10th best capitalized badge advanced of EOS.

Meanwhile, Zeus Capital LLP’s account of allegations adjoin Chainlink includes pay-for-play schemes, a deluge of integrations with “dead” projects as able-bodied as “outright lies about the admeasurement and blazon of the relationships.”

The asset administration close additionally accuses industry-leading outlets of “deliberately or accidentally arena their role in the process.”

However, admitting account Chainlink’s declared artifice scheme, Zeus Capital LLP itself stands accused of overextension fear, doubt, and ambiguity (FUD) in the bazaar in adjustment to abbreviate and accomplish a banking gain.

A account by Zeus Capital LLP in its latest report, angrily states that “the accepted tokenomics and abridgement of bartering applications cannot absolve Link’s price.”

Based on this assessment, Zeus Capital LLP “is advising short-selling Link with a ambition amount of 7 US cents.”

On Twitter, Chainlink supporters are angry aback adjoin Zeus’ anticipation by auspicious aeon to buy Link tokens this weekend.

Meanwhile, Nexo Finance, which has been affiliated to the exposé, has reportedly distanced itself from Zeus Capital LLP.

As one of the latest organizations to accomplice Chainlink, Nexo Finance said in a Telegram approach statement that it is actuality targeted because its “staff is able-bodied abreast with the Chainlink accountable and because its OTC desks accord in Link.”

In addition twist, a UK based advance coffer which shares a agnate name with Zeus Capital LLP has disassociated itself from the asset administration firm.

In a statement, the advance coffer said the following:

It not bright how the two allotment the aforementioned name although Zeus Capital LLP’s website lists Hong Kong as its capital acquaintance office.

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