YouTuber Gets Banned by Western Union for Life, Bitcoin Fixes This

YouTuber Gets Banned by Western Union for Life, Bitcoin Fixes This

THELOGICALINDIAN - A business buyer has acquaint a YouTube video asserting that Western Union inexplicably banned him for activity as a aftereffect of his affairs in axial Africa Bitcoin fixes this

Ban Comes Without Explanation

In the video Ben Taylor, a.k.a. Pleasant Green, discusses the enactment of a photography business in Africa that included alms work. He asserts that for over three years he acclimated Western Union to accelerate money to Liberia afterwards incident. However, afterwards attempting to wire funds abroad on the continent, the money alteration close aboriginal blocked his alteration and again abreast him that he had been banned for life.

Taylor addendum that he went to abundant lengths to prove to the money alteration business that he was not a scammer, and did not assignment with scammers. Nevertheless, he has been accustomed no account as to why he is no best acceptable to use its services.

The columnist states:

In addition video acquaint two weeks ago, Taylor discusses the alpha of the ordeal, which complex attempting to accelerate money to an African woman who appear a book in an attack to accession money for a bare surgery. In this video, he plays a archetype of his amazing attempts to get answers as to why the alteration was blocked. He additionally outlines a additional appropriately arresting appointment with MoneyGram.

Bitcoin Is The Answer

High fees and circuitous business practices accept continued been a authentication of money alteration services. Citizens of arrested nations are best abounding by these issues, as they best frequently await on these companies for banking services. It is for this acumen that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are growing rapidly in these regions.

Blockchain architectonics enables Bitcoin to be beatific rapidly, and after the byzantine processes appropriate by companies like Western Union. Bitcoin’s decentralized architectonics makes it accessible for anyone to use, and affairs cannot be blocked or reversed. Most importantly, Bitcoin can be beatific for a tiny fraction of the amount of bequest methods.

Given their advantages, it is alone a amount of time afore blockchain assets such as Bitcoin accomplish accumulation use. For bodies that await on Western Union, that day cannot appear anon enough.

Is Bitcoin the de-facto acquittal and remittance solution? Let us apperceive your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images via Bitcoinist Media Library, Pleasant Green