Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

THELOGICALINDIAN - Barclays Plc aBritish bunch advance coffer and banking casework aggregation headquartered in London has a adequately continued history of putting bottomward Bitcoin Now the banking academy looks to be alteration its tune as it begins appraisal its audience absorption in a abeyant cryptocurrency trading desk

Barclays is the additional above advance coffer absorbed in potentially trading cryptocurrencies, afterward behind New York City-based advance giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

According to a report from Bloomberg, which batten to individuals with central ability on the matter, “Barclays has so far alone done a basic appraisal of appeal and feasibility.”

Barclays itself declared on Monday that it currently has no audible affairs to barrage a cryptocurrency trading desk. Company agent Andrew Smith told Bloomberg in an email, however, that the advance coffer is allurement around. He wrote:

Bloomberg‘s address additionally addendum that, should Barclays adjudge to accessible a trading board for Bitcoin and added cryptocurrencies, both advance coffer bang-up Tim Throsby and Chief Executive Officer Jes Staley would best acceptable accept to assurance off on the adventure — according to sources abutting to the matter.

Currently, no added advance coffer in Europe has bidding absorption in ablution a cryptocurrency trading board — a actuality which may change as added and added institutional investors attending to get complex in the beginning market.

Asking Around

Barclays hasn’t been decidedly bullish on Bitcoin in the past.

Earlier this month, analysts at Barclays likened Bitcoin to a viral disease that has now been treated. Economists at the bank explained:

Opening a trading board for cryptocurrency would all but eradicate that allegory — unless the coffer affairs on overextension banking ache amid its clients.

What do you anticipate of Barclays potentially aperture a trading board for Bitcoin and added cryptocurrencies? Do you anticipate it’s alone a amount of time afore boundless institutional advance is commonplace? Let us apperceive in the comments below!

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