Coinbase Set to Add Over $500M in Cryptocurrencies to Balance Sheet

Coinbase Set to Add Over $500M in Cryptocurrencies to Balance Sheet

THELOGICALINDIAN - Earlier on Thursday cryptocurrency barter Coinbase appear that it would acquirement added than 500 actor in assorted cryptocurrencies to add to its antithesis sheet

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong aboriginal bankrupt the account via Twitter, advertence that the barter had accustomed approval to acquirement upwards of bisected a billion dollars in agenda assets. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Coinbase had accumulated $4.4 billion in banknote affluence in ablaze of recent authoritative scares. 

Following Armstrong’s tweet, CFO Alesia Haas wrote a blog post account the acumen abaft the move. “Our crypto asset advance allocation will be apprenticed by our accumulated careful crypto balances — acceptation our barter will drive our advance strategy,” she wrote. 

In agreement of Coinbase’s advance strategy, Haas declared that funds would be “continually deployed” by dollar-cost averaging. “We are continued appellation investors and will alone bankrupt beneath baddest circumstances, such as an asset delisting from our platform.”

Coinbase and Its Investment Strategy May Lead to Hundreds of Millions in Investments Each Quarter

Starting from the abutting budgetary quarter, Coinbase will admeasure 10% of its net assets into its portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Earlier this month, Coinbase (COIN) appear its 2nd division balance and acquaint $1.6 billion in annual net income. If the barter behemothic can abide to sustain its high-growth earnings, its institutional investments could about-face out to be a ample benefaction to the crypto space. 

Surprisingly enough, this move would accomplish Coinbase the aboriginal about listed aggregation to authority a cryptocurrency not called Bitcoin — alignment from Ethereum, DeFi protocols, PoS assets, to alike NFTs, amid others. 

As a now publicly-traded company, Coinbase is adverse added analysis from banking regulators than anytime before. The barter has wisely autonomous to assassinate all trades over-the-counter (OTC) to abstain abeyant authoritative headaches.

CEO Brian Armstrong after common through Twitter that Coinbase will be self-custodial. This agency that the aggregation will be anon in control of its agenda assets, as against to accepting a third-party custodian.


“We may access our allocation over time as the crypto abridgement matures. We accept that in the future, added and added companies will authority crypto assets on their antithesis sheet. We achievement by accumulation added crypto assets into our own accumulated banking practices, we can booty addition footfall appear architecture a added accessible crypto economy.”