Congressman Warren Davidson Suggests Libra is a Sh*tcoin

Congressman Warren Davidson Suggests Libra is a Sh*tcoin

THELOGICALINDIAN - On Wednesday Representative Warren Davidson appropriate that Facebook Libras abridgement of decentralization placed it in the aforementioned class as added run of the comminute shtcoins

Libra is Not a Cryptocurrency

Events took a somewhat abrupt aberration during today’s congressional hearing on the abeyant impacts of Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency. While analytic CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer, Meltem Demirors, Congressman Warren Davidson asked for description on the aberration amid Bitcoin and as he implied, a “shitcoin” like Libra. Davidson said: 

Demirors accepted that she was actual accustomed with the announcement and explained that Bitcoin is decentralized admitting Libra is “highly centralized”. Demirors said that she capital to “distinguish and draw a actual bright line” and she said, “Libra is not a cryptocurrency.”

Any being can download Bitcoin’s software and run a node, admitting the Libra Association is about a bunch of ample for-profit businesses. Demirors compared Libra to a alternate armamentarium alms two classes of shares and reminded the admirers that it will be backed by added absolute currencies. 

Libra’s Governance by For-Profit Companies Draws Concern

Davidson said that he was anxious that Libra’s centralized attributes acutely altered from Bitcoin’s decentralization and he explained that:

Other highlights from the audition included agitator Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allurement Calibra CEO David Marcus who would administer Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. Ocasio-Cortez asked, “Were the associates of the affiliation democratically elected? Who best them?” After Marcus explained that associates to the Libra Affiliation was open, Ocasio-Cortez said:

Will Facebook Libra Launch?

Over the accomplished two days, Marcus and Libra accept taken a exact assault from U.S. Senators and Congressmen. At one point board administrator Rep. Maxine Waters allowable Marcus to “stop dancing about the question” of agreement a adjournment on the roll-out of Libra “until Congress enacts an adapted acknowledged framework to ensure that Libra and Calibra do what you affirmation it will do.”

Later in the audition back Rep. Nydia Margarita Velazquez Serrano asked colleagues who agreed that Facebook should adjournment Libra’s barrage to accession their easily and all bristles board associates did. Only time will acquaint how U.S. assembly accept to advance with the Facebook Libra project. It seems some amount of adjustment will be the best acceptable outcome. 

Do you anticipate Libra’s barrage will be delayed by U.S. lawmakers? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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