Discord May Integrate Ethereum But Users Aren’t Happy

Discord May Integrate Ethereum But Users Aren’t Happy

THELOGICALINDIAN - Discord faced a backfire on amusing media over its affairs to accommodate Ethereum and NFTs into its messaging platform

Discord architect and CEO Jason Citron teased affairs for the app to apparatus Ethereum and NFTs on Twitter yesterday. The move, however, was met with backfire from abounding association members, who are now aggressive to abolish their Nitro subscriptions citation ecology and money bed-making concerns.

Discord Community Threatens to Cancel Subscriptions Over NFT Integration

Discord users are affronted over abeyant crypto and NFT integration.

A cheep from the architect and CEO Jason Citron has resulted in a amusing media flurry over Discord’s abeyant cryptocurrency integration. In a acknowledgment to a blog column discussing the platform’s future, Citron acquaint an angel assuming Discord affiliation with crypto wallet MetaMask and the WalletConnect protocol, abacus “probably nothing.”

The cutting majority of Citron’s cheep replies are black with the abstraction of amalgam crypto and NFTs with the messaging app, with assorted bodies citation Ethereum’s electricity acceptance as a austere environmental concern and calling NFTs Ponzi and money bed-making schemes. Furthermore, association associates accept started bottleneck the Animosity feedback appointment with posts actively analytical of the abeyant update. Many of them affirmation to accept already canceled their Nitro subscriptions or abuse to do it in beef of the move.

Elsewhere, a cilia acquaint on the Discord subreddit blue-blooded “Discord developers: amuse do not abutment NFTs” has aggregate over 4600 upvotes. Most of the posts acerb argue the move, calling NFTs a sham and a honeypot for scammers. 

Discord is a messaging belvedere with over 140 actor account alive users, accepted globally amid crypto and gaming communities. However, appraisal by the association backfire on amusing media, it seems that the crypto association is decidedly outnumbered by users opposing the move.

While Discord seems acquisitive to embrace Web3, crypto, and NFTs, not anybody is demography the aforementioned approach. Back in October, top gaming flat Valve banned all NFT and crypto-related amateur from their gaming belvedere and store, Steam.